Day 24: Chest Workout (Home Workout Challenge)

welcome to day 24 of the 30-day challenge today I'm doing a highly requested video and we are doing a chess workout today so everything is just going to be following me along doing a few reps of everything following a sequence of 30 seconds so hope you guys are looking forward to this one let's jump straight in play fives get ready bought your chest back out we're going to be doing 30 seconds per exercise and repeating this twice through so timing in I won't leave eyes upon your knees Hassan Ali whatever comes up easy is facing me the first thing we're going into is pull downs and then we're just going to open and close at the front so you want to pull down and then you want to bring those arms forward make sure you're twisting those palms to me as they come forward remember 30 seconds [Music] next move guys if you're literally just going to open and close those arms hands to me at the front palms facing one another just have fun with this movement guys get those hips go in [Music] the next if we're going into guys's isometric presses so we're literally just going to put those hands together and we're just going to move them up and down to really target those chest and shoulders so bring it up and down [Music] connects with guys is be lips all I want you to do is bring those arms up into would be and then you want them to calm down and make sure they touch your pelvis so down up [Music] and the next move guys is you're going to bend over and you're just going to lift those arms up straight to the side and down [Music] they showed you already tensing I should come down and up [Music] except with guys the next time you're going into is just some simple push-ups usually they do this on your knee or in a forthright 30 seconds just up and down [Music] hey some guys come into a high height position all you're going to do is twist those arms up and down [Music] that's it up and down puts that body [Music] waitwhat guys now want you to come down onto your back and all you're going to do is lift those arms to meet at the back and you're just going to bring them round and up round and up that's it [Music] a some job guys quick little break here and then we're going to repeat that all over again so remember guys first truth is those pulled ounce and open at the front so pulled down open at the front [Music] except the next week guys it's just so simple open and closed which is the standing open chest press straight arms [Music] next week guys is that isometric press so you want to bring those hacks together a little bit up and down it's not a high lift it's just a little lift up and down [Music] [Music] hey guys the next move is that be left so you just want to bring those arms up above your head in a V and then bring them down to the pelvis lift those arms up to the side and down make sure you're really squeezing here [Music] exit of work guys the next students going back to those push-ups up on the knee or you can go into a full pushup and you're just gonna come down and I'll bring that chest as close as you can to the floor excess job guys the next move is that plank twists you're going to be in a high plank position and all you're going to do is twist those arms alternating to come up [Music] fabulous work guys and that final move you're going to be on your back and you're just gonna lift those arms above the head and bring them back down to your hips just circling around so guys that is the end of your chest workout today I hope you all really enjoyed this routine if you did don't forget to hit that like button and also hit the subscribe now I want to hear from you guys which of these moves did you find the most effective did you like the pull downs with the pull-ups or did you prefer that isometric hold let me know in the comments below and remember if you want to know the best diet and training program for you then don't forget to check out the free squares in the description box below [Music]

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