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hi we're mr. and mrs. muscle I'm Deb and I'm Mike [Music] so Sid when I went to school together we met actually at 11 years old under competitive circumstances so viv is the fastest girl in our year group I was a really active kid and our friends had challenged us to a race to which I won but that's how we met I got into Fitness because it was the only thing that I was actually ever good at so during school I used to enjoy playing basketball used to be on athletic team I used to do some country I used to do all sorts of sports and I didn't really understand why the other girls weren't really into it like I would but this led on to me studying it and I studied at University sport science and then eventually I became a personal trainer my story's a little bit different getting into fitness for me I've always played football loved running around however I was more interested in business I come from a corporate background so getting back into fitness was quite challenging but with the help revealed I managed to get fits again I also became a personal trainer and in lets us open the company together mr. and mrs. Martin so mr. mrs. muscle is actually our baby it's also our pseudonym I miss the muscle obviously but we created mr. mrs. muscle to show people how to exercise and how to move absolutely anywhere wherever let the gym the heart of your house were in the park that's what mr. mrs. mushroom is about it's all about movement so the synchronization that you see on our page it basically it resembles our relationship so when we're in sync emotionally we're in sync is it good [Music] you can get fit at home by doing anything you just have to move so it could be anything from and taking out the trash to walking up and down the stairs or just tidying up just keep moving so we've provided over 400 workouts and over a thousand exercises that you can do with your body weights dumbbells or even a skipping rope and we're going to show you a full body routine that you guys can do at home so please feel free to join us

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