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Kickboxing Cardio Workout

hey guys welcome to X hit today and we take you through a kickboxing cardio workout so your first move is gonna be a jab cross and a squat so nice and wide I want you to push your punch punch squat down and then jump with you 30 seconds so let's go this is a jab that's the cross that's the squat that's the jump really low in that squat and high in the jump jab cross ten seconds five four three two what excellent role take those shoulders let's take it into the back kick with knee strikes I just want to do this nice and slowly controls we don't and fit those joints so we're gonna kick back taking that right leg back slow bring it into touch arms up and crunch you want to look to the back as you kick do do 30 seconds on each side just good for your balance too so squeeze that cause it doesn't matter how high you can get your leg it's just about control if those arms up crunch it down if you don't need to do the touch in between even better five seconds and give me one more kick to the back and let's swap over and fill that left side so kick to the back arms up and crunch 20 seconds nice and slow down with a jabber at the back just a nice controlled kick 10 seconds five four three two one okay give those legs to shake and go to a knee strike with a jab cross double knee strike okay so up down take that leg back same leg azam jab cross thirty Seconds jab it and cross and crunch in 20 seconds nice and controlled and it's always the front leg is the front of five four three two one go get it going to roundhouse kicks so it's ever leg you're more comfortable with start with that one we're going to step forward and actually picks we're going to pivot that underneath leg step forward so your weight is there and then bring it back 30 seconds on each side step it forward and then reset make sure you're pivoting that underneath leg 20 seconds and then refit keep that control don't matter how many of you do just make sure your form is correct give me one more and let's swap it on to the other side so you're always going to have one leg that's better than the other so this one isn't as strong and no worries again stepping forward pivot that bottom leg your foot and then step forward 20 seconds don't worry about how high your leg is just try and control it 10 seconds give me one more and then bring it back to the center okay you're next kickboxing exercise it's a block jab cross we're going to using our oblique muscles so crunch the side and then we took a jab with both arms crunch 30 seconds each side keep those hands out in front of you want to protect that face and using those oblique muscles to squeeze 20 seconds I'm really feeling those oblique muscles 10 seconds guys we're going to swap on to the other leg squeeze that core give me one more and let's swap on to the other side so crunch and Japs rethink about leaning it over to the side if someone's coming in for you and then protecting that face as you jab ten seconds so keep breathing guys then give me one more crunch okay we're going to take it into a knee strike with front kick so we don't something similar in the other exercises you're just going to put two different moves together sorry tip arms up to the top crunch in leg back and then kick forward 30 seconds on each leg again nice and controlled doesn't matter how high you can get that leg just keep your balance 20 seconds arms extended crunch in and kick 10 seconds and give me one more kick and let's swap over to that left leg so arms up crunch it in step back and kick forward nice and controlled 20 seconds make each move count 10 seconds come on guys all the way to the end he give me one more kick to finish excellent job give those legs a shake well I hope you manage to learn some new moves with the kick boxing routine check out the rest of X hits videos if you've got any questions then leave me a comment my name's Rebecca Louise can also fill me on twitter at the model pilot subscribe to our channel it's free it's easy to do make sure you come back again tomorrow you you you you

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