Longer & More Straight Legs in 30 Days | 8 Best Exercises to fix false wide hip, 5 mins!【Eng Sub】

Hello everyone, I am April and today I will be sharing a set of easy but very effective exercises to fix hip flexion (internal thigh rotation). Why do you need to fix hip flexion? Not only does it instantly shorten our legs by a few inches visually but it also increases the risk of injury in daily life and sports. For example, it is easy to sprain the ankle, and if you stay standing for a long time, you will get lower back pain or sometimes numbness in the lower extremities. I also have a curvature. This is what I will share with you today, which helped me get rid of the curvature so follow me and start the exercises now. Keep doing it, you can also say goodbye to the curvature of the hip soon. Well, let's start the exercises today while doing the exercises. Let's talk about the causes of the curvature of the hip and its effect. The purpose of every exercise we do. The first exercise is to stand with your feet close together, knees and toes pointing outward, then tighten your buttocks. You can imagine that you are tightening your buttocks to hold a piece of paper. One of the important reasons for hip curvature is incorrect postures in our daily lives, such as turning. The internal knee joint and the sacroiliac joint burn caused by walking with your back bent and the legs opposed while sitting. This exercise can pull the knee out to eliminate the curvature. You must focus on tightening the buttocks while also holding the knee. Tighten the abdomen, and do this with the maximum of your strength. The second exercise. It is a clam shell exercise. Keep our shoulder and ilium (hip) in a straight line. Tighten the abdomen to keep the torso stable. Then lift the leg using the force coming from the hip. This exercise can train your glutes very well. The main task of the glutes is to pull the sacroiliac joint outward. The glutes are so strong that they can avoid internal rotation of the sacroiliac joint and also avoid and eliminate the contracture. Okay, let's move to the other side. As you can see, I'm using a compression band. The compression band can help us feel the effort better and the effect of the exercise will be more significant. As we mentioned before, the glutes. It is one of the most important muscle groups to provide stability to the sacroiliac joint. So, doing the clam shell exercise is very important to fix the sprain, so we must do our best to do this exercise. If you do it correctly, then you will feel pain from the top of the hip instead of the thigh. The next exercise is the push-up. The leg while you are sleeping on your stomach. Lie on your stomach, relax, and bring your heels together. Use force from your buttocks to push your thighs off the ground. Repeat for 30 seconds. This movement will also strengthen your glutes. One of the important reasons for forming a curl is weakness of the gluteal muscles, so we must do more. Of the exercises that target the gluteal muscles, well, so the next exercise is to do the bridge position with pressure to strengthen the gluteus maximus. Make sure to close the feet and knees, then push the hip up to make the thighs and body in a straight line. Make sure that you do not push from your thighs. The force comes from the hip and not anywhere. Another place after strengthening the gluteus maximus can also increase the stability of our iliacus and thus avoid and repair hip stenosis. Also, this exercise can provide you with an attractive butt. The next exercise is the floor bridge pose. Lie on the floor keeping your lower back in contact with the floor and then push your hips up please. Keeping the lower back in contact with the floor at all times will be very effective in strengthening our controls on pelvic position, which means that it can ensure our correct postures of walking and standing. Also, it can correct the anterior pelvic tilt. The third important reason for the formation of incorrect hip adduction is that we often adduct our hips, which leads to Excessive adduction and internal rotation of the femur so the next exercises are to fully stretch the adductor muscles. Let's start with the butterfly exercise. You can feel the stretch on the inside of the thigh with the palms of your feet facing each other. You can also hold your feet with both hands. Push your arms and body forward to enhance the stretch. Then do Squat exercise Open your feet wider than your shoulders, point your toes and knees outward, then slowly squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. At this time, put your hands together and try to push your thigh outward with your elbow. Wait for a few seconds. Okay, stand up and squat down again. Please make sure your back is straight. Okay, the last exercise is the frog. Separate the knees as much as possible. Relax, and move the hips back and forth slowly. We can see a clear sore on the inner thigh. This exercise can also relax the joints and repair the sprains. Okay. The exercises are finally over. I would like to emphasize a point. Basic, which is, we must pay attention to correcting incorrect positions in our daily lives. For example, when you stand or walk, do not be hunched and try not to cross your legs while sitting. Well, this is the video. If you like my video, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. My see you in the next video, bye thanks for watching and see you soon.

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