Lose Weight in 2 Weeks | My Favorite Full Body Workout Routine, No Jumping!

Hi,everyone Today's full body fat burn video consists of some of my favorite and most effective exercises that I will do irregardless of how busy I am These will exercise our abs, arms, back, legs and hips I have also planned some must do stretching exercises at the end of this video This exercises can be carried out on a yoga mat or a mattress (stiffer) You can do these exercises once per day or at least 5 times per week together with a healthy diet you will see obvious changed to your body within 1 to 2 weeks okay, let us begin our exercises for today firstly, lets lie on our yoga mat tuck your stomach in and keep your back on the floor kick your leg out and tuck it back in after straightening it exhale and tighten your core as you extend your leg out then inhale and relax as you tuck in your leg back tightening your core can also be simplified as adducting your chest, tucking in your abs and at the same time squeeze your butt initially, it will be challenging to coordinate your breathing with the exercise so we should slow down the exercise for better coordination match your exercise with your breathing and repeat this consistently to see gradual improvement eventually Moreover, doing these exercises slowly is better as it ensures that the exercise is completed by fully using your muscles instead of just motion and momentum so there is no need to rush slow and steady is good okay, lets have a short break next, we will be doing scissors keep your back firmly on the floor and lower your legs until you feel the stress at your abs and that your lower back is going to be lifted keep your legs there and criss cross them sideway remember to use your core at all time tuck in your abs and squeeze your butt to stabilize your pelvis to keep your lower back on the ground this is to minimize injuries and to train your abs effectively remain normal breathing beginners tend to have weak core strength and hence inevitably arch their lower back to counter, you can lift your legs further away from the ground it will be easier like this Okay, let's rest for a while next, we will be doing air cycling the key point is still the same tuck in your core and keep your back firmly on the ground arch your feet backwards firmly and kick your heels outwards ensure that your legs are kicked out fully and straightened before tucking them in apart from slimming our waist, this can also slim our legs push on everyone! Make sure your abs is tightened when you kick your legs out Ensure that your back is on the floor, do not arch them up This is to effectively work the abs and avoid injuries Alright, let's take a short break next we will do a v shape criss cross spread your legs to the best of your ability then cross your leg before spreading them apart again straighten your legs, tighten your core and keep your back firmly on the ground Apart from slimming the legs it also effective target and work our abs but if your legs are bent the effectiveness on your abs will be greatly reduced so ensure that apart from keeping your back firmly on the ground try to straighten your legs as much as possible press on! okay, 10 seconds break next let's do a hip raise exercise tighten and exert force in your core as you exhale and lift your hips up inhale and slowly lower your hips next, exhale and straighten your legs then inhale and return to normal repeat accordingly take note that when you straighten your leg your abs need to exert force to prevent your pelvic from leaning forward which also mean keeping your back on the floor without arching it let's have a short break and move on to planks with your arms perpendicular to your shoulder relax your shoulder and exert force using your core to form a straight line with your shoulder, hips and ankles do not lift or drop your hips this exercise can effectively train our core especially our natural girdle – transversus abdominis to slim our waist it can also train our arms and shoulders at the same time a few more seconds before we are done with this exercise hang in there and don't give up! okay, rest your knees on the floor we will now train our upper body tighten your core and feel the exertion point in your arm, shoulder and upper back especially between your shoulder blades this exercise is also very effective against slouching posture you can slow down if your arm strength is slightly weaker the speed is not crucial as long as you can persevere alright, let's rest now let's lie on the yoga mat and train our back exert force using your back, waist and hip to lift your upper body and legs off the ground hold it there for 2 seconds look towards the floor then return your legs need to be straightened when you lift them up the height of this lift doesn't need to be too high apart from training your back and arms this can also effectively target slouching posture exhale when exerting force and inhale when returning to the starting position having strong back strength is crucial to having a good posture hang in there everybody, press on! Take a short break Next we will focus on the hip and legs with your arms perpendicular to your shoulders and your thighs perpendicular to your body start tightening your core lift your legs sideway as you exhale then inhale as your leg drops back down take note to stabilize your hip as you raise your leg instead of turning your body sideway this is to maximize the training on our hips and the legs this can also train our waist at the same time you can hold your legs for a few seconds before lowering them again to feel a more obvious tension at the side of your hips let's move on immediately and do a backward kick exercise Engage your chest, abs and hips hook your feet and push your heels towards the ceiling with force stabiles your hips to prevent your back from concaving when lifting your legs this trains the hips more effectively and also avoid injuries this exercise can train our butt and legs a few more seconds and we will be done persevere and press on everyone! let's have a short break next, switch to the other side and repeat the same 2 exercises first will be fire hydrant the key point is to tighten the core meaning tightening the chest and abs tighten the pelvic floor muscles (squeeze your butt) Your upper body should be kept parallel to the ground don't twist and turn your body when you lift your legs up this effectively targets your hips to burn fats because it involves all the major muscle groups a strong hip is the key to good posture and a prevention of knee or back issues It is also a crucial criteria for the slimming of legs so everyone needs to press on and complete this exercise! let's continue without a break next we will repeat Donkey Kicks exercise tighten your core and hip to stabilize your pelvis do not concave your back when lifting the leg up exhale as you lift your leg and inhale as you drop your leg down remember to tighten your core throughout hook your feet and kick your heel towards the ceiling forcefull

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