Love Handle Workout | 10 min Abs & Obliques Burn Home Workout

Welcome! Today's exercises target the abdominal muscles, sides, and love handles. If you are trying to lose fat from your love handles, incorporating HIIT or cardio exercises and eating clean and tidy will help in this goal. You can find the complete daily schedule on my website at I know that doing limited exercises is not easy, but remember that you are not alone. I will be broadcasting live twice a week on Twitch and join us on Discord to find workout friends. Please share your workout progress on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. Please click like and let's do exercises to burn your abs! We have 14 exercises today, 30 to 40 seconds of exercise and 5 to 10 seconds of rest. Sit on the mat and we will start with a wood-cutting movement and sit. Lay completely flat on the mat. Open your hands wide and then use your abdominal muscles to lift yourself up and bring your hands to the ground. One side, then back, then repeat the same thing to the other side. Twisting your body to the side helps engage your muscles on both sides. Great job everyone! Now turn yourself to your side and we will raise the leg and touch the ankle, then come back and do the side crunch. For low impact, raise only your leg and now to the other side. We are just getting started, you are strong! Well, get into the high plank position and we will pass the leg along the body. Bring your knee in, then pull your knee to the other side, then repeat on the other leg. Make sure that you engage your abdominal muscles well. By contracting your abdomen and engaging your abdominal muscles as well, stretch them well. Flat on the mat and our Windshield Wafers make a nice and easy movement. Focus on your breathing and your abdominal muscles and you are able to do this exercise! You are doing a great job, my friends! Get into a plank on your elbows and lower your hips from side to side. Next, for a low-impact movement, do it on your knees. Just take breaks if you need to and do it at a speed that suits you. There's nothing wrong with that! Okay, turn yourself on your side again and we will do the Obelik V Krangs movement. You should raise yourself with your abdominal muscles and not your right hand. Your hand is there for support. Try to keep your legs straight as well. Your obliques are tight and burning and for an easy movement to work, just do the side crunches. Great job my friends! We are in the middle of the workout! Just less than 5 exercises and the sport is over. Turn yourself over and do the same thing on the other side. Okay, now sit on the mat, and we will go in and out. Legs to the sides. Extend your legs to the left, then bring them back in and then bring them to the right. Make sure you engage the muscles. Your stomach from the way the abdomen contracts, and keep your core muscles in your abdomen tight, we are almost done, so keep exercising, you are capable! Now turn yourself into a high plank position, and we will do the greneors movement. If it is very fast, take it easy and do it slowly without any jumps. Only five exercises, my beloved! Do them with all your physical energy and take care of yourself. Well, lie flat on the mat and we will do a heel touch movement. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles and do not put too much pressure on your abdominal muscles! And squeeze your abdominal muscles. Great job, my dears! Only 3 exercises left! Get into the side plank position and we'll do some side crunches again, for low impact, just do them on your knee. Now to the other side. Only one minute of exercise left, my friends! We are about to finish and the last exercise is Krangs with bicycles. We will finish the exercises! Great job everyone! You did this exercise, the exercises weren't that difficult, right? I hope you enjoyed these exercises, my friends! Click like and follow my channel, share your love with us, and I will see you in the next exercises. See you!

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