10 min STANDING ARM WORKOUT | With Dumbbells | Upper Body | No Pushups

[Music] hey everyone and welcome back we're about to do a quick 10-minute standing arm workout to tone and target your upper body all you'll need today is a set of medium weights i'll be using eight pound dumbbells but anything from five to ten pounds or more will work great so let's get to it all right first move bend those elbows to the side at 90 degrees alternating shoulder press exhale inhale intervals have 45 seconds on with 15 seconds rest as usual really focused on drawing those ribs down and in keeping that core engagement throughout the whole workout today don't let those elbows drop below shoulder height [Music] keep them lifted [Music] all right take a break next move we have bicep curl with the right arm take it across the body with palm facing up left arm extends diagonally out to the side the whole time keeping that shoulder engagement okay here we go exhale inhale good that left elbow or that elbow that left shoulder is really gonna start to burn don't drop that arm this is [Music] all right take a break then do the other side we have a curl with the left arm and your right arm extends out to the side [Music] here we go exhale inhale going really squeeze through that bicep mind to muscle connection here [Music] keep that arm lifted [Music] all right find a high narrow lunge here press those dumbbells together you're going to extend diagonally up and then bring it back in exhale inhale okay here we go squeeze through the center chest i'm working front shoulders as well exhale inhale good keeping that body upright [Music] try not to think about it [Music] baby [Music] all right let's switch legs to make it even lean forward about 45 degrees here we have a wide row then wide fly arms bent arms extend here we go [Music] go to using that breath exhale inhale squeeze those shoulder blades together really working the back of the shoulders and into your back muscles [Music] [Music] temptation [Music] all right bring those dumbbells together we have overhead tricep extensions exhale [Music] here we go slight bend through those knees elbows are shoulder width [Music] uh [Music] all right we have front raise taking that arm across the body palm facing up then back down your alternating sides really focus on squeezing the chest as you take that arm across [Music] here we go exhale inhale love you from the first time you call me late i loved you from your winston winking games yeah always on my mind always in my brain with you this summer [Music] thinking time is gonna fix me inside [Music] me all right palms facing up we have wide bicep curl then curl to extend okay here we go elbows away from the body exhale inhale good curl to press [Music] i keep being here when your miles away [Music] since the [Music] [Applause] those knees and lean forward 45 degrees we have tricep kickbacks extend and swivel those hands to face upwards then bend palms facing in okay here we go exhale little hold and squeeze at the top then bring it back in [Music] good really squeeze into the back of those arms here lengthen through that back and through your neck as well [Music] all right final move we have front shoulder raise take [Music] here we go lift side super slow lower good front and side elbows lifted [Music] almost there last one [Music] [Applause] all right awesome job all right don't forget to give those arms a good stretch after this if you enjoyed that workout then hit the like button subscribe to my channel and comment below so we can connect there i'll see you guys next time bye [Music]

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