Lower Body Workout – Legs & Booty | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

Welcome! We have 15-minute calf and glutes exercises today. You don't need any equipment for today's workout, but you can also use resistance bands or dumbbells to make it more challenging. So this workout is part of Shred's 2021 two-week challenge and you can find the full free schedule and all of the daily recipes on the website. Remember to share your progress with the rest of the community on YouTube, Instagram and Discord so we can support each other. Click like, leave us comments, and let's get started! We have 22 exercises. 30 to 40 seconds of exercise and 10 to 20 seconds of rest. You can do this exercise with or without equipment. But if you have equipment, place the resistance bands over your knees and hold the dumbbells like this and let's start with side kicks and squats. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, holding the dumbbells like this, and lower yourself into a deep squat. Then when you come back, kick one leg out to the side. Then squat again and repeat on the other leg. Remember, it's completely okay to do this exercise without equipment if you don't have any. As you progress, you can eventually add weights and bands. No rest here! And we'll do more squats, but pulse three times. As you squat deeper, engage your glutes! Rest for 10 seconds now, and we have lunges and backward kicks. Enter into a deep lunge and when you come back, kick backwards with your right leg, while you maintain your balance on your left leg. Take it slowly and steadily, so as not to lose your balance. Always just hold the dumbbells by your side. No rest here. We will repeat on the other leg. Make sure you engage your glutes, legs and abs. Make sure your front knee does not pass through your toes. You guys are doing a great job! Rest for 10 seconds now and do a single leg deadlift. Place the bands aside and use only one dumbbell. If you are using weights, just hold them with a strong, tight grip around one dumbbell. Now bend forward while pushing your hips back, lower them slowly and raise your right leg straight to maintain a straight line from your neck to your leg. Make sure your back is kept straight, and do not arch your lower back. Be safe as you do not want to hurt your lower back. No rest here! Let's switch to the other leg. Make sure you lean on your hips here and keep your back straight. Side langs are next. 10 seconds of rest here. Lower yourself into a deep lunge on the right side, and try to reach the lowest possible level. As you return, bend the knee and repeat. Now we will work on the other leg. If you can't do a deep Lunge exercise, that's okay, you'll get there with time. Great job guys! 20 seconds rest here. Feel free to pause the video if you need a long break. Put the dumbbells down for now, and grab your resistance bands if you have one. We do the side calm exercise while you are on the mat. Start in a side plank position, with your knees bent. Raise your top knee as high as possible while engaging your glutes, then bring your knees back together and then repeat. This will work your glutes, especially the outer part of the muscle. Now let's switch to the other side. Now put the bands to the side. For this exercise, we have one-leg hip bridges. Place your hands on one side of your hips. Now extend one leg until it is straight. Your heel is on top of the mat. Now lift your hips up using your glutes. Your abs and glutes should be involved here. Now lower your hips slowly and repeat. Make sure you really focus on your glutes. Mind-muscle communication is really important! No rest here! Let's switch to the other leg. We're about halfway through the exercise, guys! You are doing a great job! Keep it up. Grab resistance bands if you are using equipment because we need them for the rest of the exercises. Again, it's completely okay if you don't. Sit like this and then extend your right leg and cross it along your left foot as far as you can. Then bring it up like this and draw a big rainbow. Focus on this mind-muscle connection, and share your glutes here Well done guys! We will repeat on the other leg. Make sure you don't arch your back, because you don't want to hurt your lower back. Now rest for 10 seconds! Roll yourself over and get on the mat and have the hip bridge and abduction. Lift your hips off the mat using your abs and glutes, then open your knees while engaging your abs. Make sure you don't close your knees while you're doing the exercise. Make sure your knees are always about shoulder-width apart. If you're new to this gluteal muscle exercise, do your best to focus. on her . Rest here! We'll go straight into hip bridges, but without abduction this time. Again, make sure your knees are always about shoulder width apart. Don't close them, you want to keep tension on your glutes. Great job guys! Now rest for 15 seconds and we have kicks with variation start like this. The left knee is bent and the right leg is extended, then kick your right leg up, then go back a little, then to the other side and repeat. You will feel this a lot in your gluteal muscles after these exercises. Keep going, you are capable! Now let's work the other leg. We're almost done guys, let's finish this exercise. Now rest for 10 seconds. We have kick ass with beats. While in this position, kick your leg up like this, pulsing each time. Again, remember to engage your glutes. Squeeze your glutes. Now let's switch to the other leg. Great job guys! Now stand up straight and have us get in and out of the squat position. Start with a deep squat, then jump up, bringing your feet in, then return to the squat and repeat. Just one more exercise after this, and we're almost there! No rest here! The final exercise is squats and pulse. Squat and pulse how many times

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