[Music] [Music] no you know she never called me cute so the one time with you cause I'm feeling super oh we're making a booty sandwich so it has been trending in Taiwan and it's also coming in to Hong Kong everyone's talking about it I'm going to follow the instructions of Emily but this is a beginner version that if you don't normally cook what are the ingredients we're using today but will be fairly simple the first ingredients huge glass of before Milty we want the sandwich to be oozing out with Minnie Minnie Minnie of the bubbles yes for sure boom boom pow pow square bread bread lean high condensed milk I got this because the sauce needs to be quite like creamy yes this is so watery so I thought just okay we will see how this works so let's tie I follow you we should tape it bubbles out first emily is in the Christmas spirit Wow the tip of goodnight has no more to first step drain milk tea hoping to get that creamy texture texture a little bit get all the milk tea into the pond so we need both the ingredients and to make it so the rendering of the milky decided to just act this into this yeah yeah do you have to put butter on the bread but I thought this one no need right it would suit this I don't know who use this do you want me to open it I think um oh it's getting proud nice nice okay a bit longer yeah great success give it the meme of Bora great success very nice like here's some noises okay smell burning we should probably stop really that looks pretty good yeah single no that's it huh oh the bad put the gates Tioga yeah yeah it's great oh I can feel the balls okay I'm gonna see okay Idaho dog who's always I hope it's okay I think oh that looks cool it's all flooding out looks like a lot of blueberries it looks quite like the photo I sent you yeah it's time to try honey milk and actually not bad ooh and that's a bite mommy music play lol hi and very surprised like this video you can definitely try this at home really you also Germans in taste but it's so fun you bring this to your friend's house Christmas party don't be like new things remember to Like comment subscribe and push this button right here so you won't miss our amazing Nicomedia comment on whether or not you think I look really cute in this hat Oh to do what our hats making so much better festival of Diwali festival with that yet okay No at Christmas this is already a very good Christmas – MAKING BUBBLE TEA TOASTIES AT HOME for Christmas ◆ Emi & Chad ◆

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