hey we are back with a standing abs workout yes there's no jumping and no equipment needed now throughout this workout remember to engage that core yes you could do this by tucking in your pelvis and closing your ribcage also make sure to breathe throughout the movement have fun and take it at your own pace yes are you ready yeah are you guys ready yes let's go yeah this is [Music] not [Music] oh so so [Music] [Music] um [Music] but you don't have a with me [Music] [Applause] is coming true [Music] give it to [Music] is [Music] in your head i feel the warmth of your skin i feel the touch of your hand love you with all of my heart makes me [Music] i am out of place [Applause] cause that is what my [Music] [Music] i'm [Music] i feel the work of your skin [Music] i am out of i place be with you always that is [Music] cause that is [Music] [Music] i am [Music] [Music] um [Music] i just love all this love i don't understand [Music] wake me up wake me up again reaching for your head [Music] never felt something like this [Music] [Music] make me chase the halfway round [Music] thank you [Music] wake me [Music] like this [Music] is great job on completing that workout my core is feeling it and my whole body got involved too yes it was an awesome workout i hope you had so much fun doing that my abs are positively popping oh my gosh so if you want more workouts just like this and make sure to give this a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel we have so much more on the way yes we'll see you very soon peace

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