“No Time to Work Out” Workout – 5 Mins Full Body!

busy busy busy busy guys I know we're all busy these days so that's why this worker is dedicated to you you have got a five minute full body workout dedicated to fit into your time schedule so you can get your exercise in self-care in so hit play and let's just get started [Music] do you love me [Music] exercise so you're going to jump into a side lunge jump into a side lunge so as a modification just literally step he'll raise and down you've got the energy and your knees are okay let's jump into it literally so with the lunge make sure you're really pushing back into the bum into your booty jump as high as you can okay Fab work guys keep going alternate 50 seconds [Music] this one really gets the heart rate going excellent okay for your next review just go into high jumps absolute killer modification first guys if you can't do it I just need to dough into your tippy toes and up if however you can jump just want you to take your time see how many jumps you can do if you prefer to live with your arms up that's fine or have a nice side killer this one [Music] sure and effective [Music] excellent onto the floor into one of my favorites crab swings so [Music] you're going to come up into a crab cross the leg and kick to the side modification stay seated and kick to the side now the trick with this is keep the court engaged and you want to make sure that when you're swinging your leg to the side you're not twisting your whole body you want to keep it central [Music] keep that core engaged and tight through [Music] and now you'll start to feel this on your leg you might feel it in your arms either is fine foreign [Music] excellent I want you to come up and we're going to be going into football Shuffle so I want you to follow my cue run arms to the side feet wide I just want you to run with me [Music] right I want you to turn to the right [Music] turn to the front keep smiling arms out core engaged turn to the left great work guys straight to the front move left move right Center move back hold it here while you're running touch the floor and go I really want you to give it to me here run as quickly as you can get that heart rate up guys down to the floor for the final one leg swing on the opposite leg so positions remember modification you're sitting [Music] up across the leg and kick cross the leg and kick caught engaged hips facing forward [Music] toes pointed do not swing those hips too far stabilization for this as well as working all of the muscles you know me guys I like to be practical especially for us busy people out there we just need to get it going [Music] so that is the end of your five minute I don't have time to work out work out I hope you guys really did enjoy this if you did don't forget to hit that like And subscribe button to my channel and if you guys love this workout I know you're gonna love my app hooked if you click Down Below in the comment section you actually can get a seven day free trial into my app workouts dedicated to those of us that are busy making sure we sweat and hit our fitness goals so check it out Below guys and I'll see you next week

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