XHIT – How to Do a Squat Correctly

okay today on exit I'm going to tell you the correct way to do a squat starting from the setup The Squat and up again okay so first things first you want to get your feet about a little bit more than hip width apart if you've got tight hamstrings you can just put them out slightly I'm mine a little bit tight today so I'm just going to angle mine a little bit out to the side now I want you to keep a nice tall back we're going to have your arms out in front of you chest lifted and think about pinching those shoulders at the back and as you squat down you're going to slightly look up really think about sitting in a chair okay now your knee should not be over your toes we're just going to look up to the ceiling and then as you come up we're going to squeeze those glutes okay now when you come down it's really important you don't lock your knees in okay really think about having your knees out to the side because that's going to do a real injury okay so let's come up again and that's it squeeze those glutes as you get to the top we show you from this angle too okay so remember legs hit with apart and we're going to take it down think about just pushing that booty back look up and then squeeze those abs as you get to the top now when your legs are going to be further out to the side as you squat down you're going to be using this side outer thigh muscle and the glutes here and then when your legs are facing uh parallel to the front you're going to be working more that booty and they do say the best way to get a good butt is doing squats and it's true okay so let's take one down one more time remember back up shoulders pinched let's go down look up to the ceiling keeping those knees not over the toes and as you come up that's it think about pulling those knees out to the side and squeeze let's take one more down that's it great R to practice just follow the video and coming back up again okay as you're going to go down into the squat you really are going to be using that core okay and then as you get down you're going to be working out the glutes and the hamstring okay and then come up to the top squeezing those abs okay get those legs just a little bit further than shoulder width apart you're going to be using these abs to go down so squeeze come down and when you get to the bottom you're going to be using your glutes and your hamstrings to pull yourself back up again and give those glutes a squeeze at the top we what so great for all of you athletes out there runners or if you just want to strengthen up those legs and of course if you want to perk up your booty then a squat is the best way to do that well X hereit has got plenty more of these how-to videos so make sure you check them out subscribe to the channel it's free and you can hit this button here and it's going to send you a newsletter of all our fun exciting things my name's Rebecca Louise and make sure you check out the correct way to do all the rest of the exercises we have on X hit

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