Pelvic Prolapse Relief: 6 Pelvic Floor And Core Exercises for Healing

hey guys Dr Christy Enis today we have six exercises to help bring either that bladder or that rectum or that uterus back up inside so that you can get better with your continence and with your pain okay here's our starting position for the first few exercises a pillow underneath kind of the sacrum hips or that Belt Line and our feet up on something that's elevated if you can get your legs to 90° at the hip and the shin great I can't right now so anything that's going to help relax in this area and then use gravity to pull down is what we want so Step One is breathing correctly and that sounds silly but we want to use the diaphragm because the pelvic Flor muscles and the diaphragm sit right next to each other so that when we push or don't breathe properly we actually can increase that pressure and increase that prolapse from going excuse me to go down so it's literally as you breathe in you're going to think about bringing the Belly Up to fill your hands so it's a breathe in and breathe out right so just in and out so that's kind of your basis for everything right now from here we're going to use those pelvic floor muscles so we're going to do a little kagle I'm going to guide you through that if you're not 100% sure on how to do that I will link a video for you so you can check that out too but you're always going to start with that breathing so you're going to breathe in as you breathe out you're going to think about like you have a marble don't do this at home really but like you have a marble kind of right at that vagina and that you're pulling in and up and then you can let it go so we're just going to hold for just a little bit right a second or two and then let it go you might feel that towards the butt but make sure that you're not actually squeezing those butt cheeks right those muscles form front all the way to back so you'll feel it in lots of those places your goal is to start with about 10 repetitions we're going to start to work our deeper abdominals here now those again attach right where those muscles do so everything from that first exercise applies as far as those pelvic floor muscles and that breathing now we're going to think about trying to keep this nice and tight and we're alternating lifting one leg with a bent knee and the other and as you can see as I'm doing this I'm really trying to keep my hips nice and steady so that I'm really engaging in through those abs if you do need a little bit more Guidance with your pelvic floor your prolapse or anything else that's causing you not to lead the life that you love check out my membership options where I offer some personal guidance to get you back on that path and you'll know that somebody's always got your back so goal would be about 10 repetitions on each side but if you find yourself not breathing or not letting everything else relax just pause and it's okay to start with a few reps once you've got those first two exercises down you're going to move on to this third one which is a little bit more advanced take the pillow away hands are down by your side of course the breathing the muscle contraction all applies and now we're going to lift that butt up still trying to keep things tight if you need to you can let everything go at the top and then res squeeze as you come back down also don't get too wrapped up if you're like I have no idea if I'm squeezing or not squeezing let yourself just relax a little bit and just think about lifting those buns up we're still going to use gravity and we're still using those core muscles around so goal is to try to contract those muscles while still breathing but don't worry if you can't just adding this lift and lower will help guide things along if that bridge is too much with your legs elevated an alternative is to just keep them on the ground and then go ahead and lift up obviously you can still see we're still using gravity to help us pull things back in all right back to the pillow but nothing to elevate the legs on because we're actually going to lift our legs up so we're going into a modified happy baby and I'm telling you I could hang out here like all day whether I have a prolapse or not it just is so relaxing so if you can grab behind the thighs you're going to bring those knees towards that armpit if you've got more flexibility you can grab towards the out outside of those feet and we're really just letting those hips open that pelvis open to let things relax so your goal here three to five nice comfortable yummy happy breaths this next one works through those abdominals and those hips a little bit more so you're propped up on one forearm which you can always put a pillow there if it's more comfortable this position alone right is going to engage in some of those side ab muscles you want to be in a nice straight line and then that top leg is going to straighten out we're going to lift it up making sure that it's lifting right in that straight line so arm start starting to work those side buns and I'm going to come back and forward notice I don't have a huge motion because if I did I'd be swinging my body all over the place and we want to try not to do that so you want to shoot for about 10 in each position but your leg might get tired so it's okay to do less and of course make sure you do this on both sides this last one is another modified yoga pose you're going to go on hands and knees or quadrip as it's called you are going to leave your toes tucked under for this and I'll explain that in a minute we're starting with kind of that traditional cat Cow so you take a nice breath in lift that head squeeze those shoulder blades and then you're going to tuck and round come back to the middle and push it back into that child's pose so with our toes like this we're stretching the feet out and the same nerves that inate those pelvic floor muscles also inate the feet so believe it or not if we have a foot problem we can have a pelvic floor problem too so might as well get everything that we can and then that cat Cow is going to nicely activate some of those abdomin Al muscles those pelvic floor muscles while also mobilizing that spine so this is the most bang for your buck that you can probably get out of this and shoot for about five or 10 here

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