Hello everyone, my name is Emi Wong, welcome to Stay Fit and Travel. Today is the last day of 2017, and it is also our last video of the year. It is also my first video in Cantonese. Why do I suddenly speak Cantonese? This video was originally supposed to be in English and was originally supposed to be a synopsis review in 2017 and thank you for your support. I just received Youtube’s Silver Creator Award, which is given to creators with 100,000 subscribers. I have heard for a long time that he is beautiful but I haven’t opened it yet, so I’m very excited to share with you what changed me. Hong Kong Apple Daily released my exclusive interview news yesterday about how I started Youtube and filming, and about my sports diary. I really appreciate everyone’s support for this report. Reaching the third most popular topic, I thought this was something worth celebrating at the end of 2017, so I decided to add it to the video and let us watch the video together before opening the box. My parents were very happy because our dog also It appears three times in this video (they counted) and they think the third time it appears is the cutest. Now let's watch the video together? What is film removal? It means start the video. I've never heard of it. Okay let's start! Why does the dress look like it's falling off my shoulders? What does Pu Jing mean? Don't you know what Pu Jing means? I know those two words, but I don’t know what they mean when put together. It means party animal. I only found out after watching the video that they used this title. They were still discussing the word “animal”. Well done! This video has already reached 170,000 views (Read the Cantonese comments and discuss the meaning) I don’t quite understand some of the meanings (Then continue the discussion…) What is this word? (Beautiful) This message says you're too fat and shouldn't go to parties Hey! It's a bad thing to say. Your body shape has nothing to do with whether you can go to the party or not. Man Chan said “awesome” – I agree. There is a message here. I agree. Don't speak with your throat. It gives people goosebumps. My mom was very angry when she saw this yesterday. She said “Don't talk with your throat? What else are you talking with? Nose?” Even though I totally agree with that message when I listen to my own voice in this video, it sounds really deep when I speak like this so I I agree with this, I will improve it, thank you. So we have watched the video. Although there are some negative comments, most of them are positive. Thank you for your support! Let's open the Silver Creator Award. Have you seen it before? I've been waiting for this package for a long time (2 months to ship). Inside the great package is a letter from Susan, the CEO of Youtube… I don't know how to pronounce it. She congratulates us for reaching 100,000 subscribers even though there are many bigger youtubers. Hope you don't give up and keep going because every subscriber is affected by your videos and while a million subscribers feels far away now it's not impossible ok let's open the box now my name is on it StayFit and Travel Emi! But I have changed the name of my channel. It doesn’t matter! If one day I can reach one million subscribers, I can get the Shuojin Creator Award. Then I can use the new channel name. It is actually very light. I have watched a lot. Other youtubers open this to see what's inside so we can't open this button? But how can everyone take it out? Do you really need to (destroy it open) No, I'm a gentle person so I won't Destroy it tenderly, very tenderly. Thank you Youtube for giving me this award. I started this channel in April this year. I am very happy with our growth. Thank you all for growing with us. I hope we can grow more together next year (keep using the word growth). See you next year ( tomorrow) – READING HATE COMMENTS…I Was On Hong Kong Top News?!

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