REDUCE SADDLEBAGS in 2 WEEKS | 12 Min Outer Thigh Workout, Beginner Friendly and Lying Down

Hello everyone, I'm April today, I will share a set of exercises to lose outer thigh fat also known as saddle fat at the same time, this can also improve hip dips outer thigh bump is caused by fat accumulation and internal rotation of the hip joint also known as hip flexion Hip flexion is due to bad routine in our daily life for example, pointing our toes towards each other when standing or walking and when we cross our leg when sitting can be caused by sitting for a long time or not exercising as it leads to imbalance in the lower body muscles Firstly, it will lead to Hip inversion causes the bones to protrude more outward. Secondly, it will lead to depressions in the thigh. Thirdly, it will cause more fat to be stored in this area. This is because the main function of fat is protection. The presence of hip inversion also indicates that there is a problem here and then under the influence of the body it will be stored. Fat strategically in this area and therefore, doing fat burning exercises is not enough to slim down the outer thigh hip anteversion must also be corrected and therefore, today's video will focus on these two areas to help us change our struggle with having a completely bulky outer thigh that can also help in straightening the leg and making us look Outwardly longer Okay, we'll start today's exercise During the exercise, I'll explain the basis and reason for each exercise First, lie on your side like this and lift your leg forward The lifting leg should be straight and perpendicular to your body Point your toes Lift your leg up and lower it slowly Make sure your leg doesn't touch the ground when You lower it. Also remember to tighten your waist to keep it stable. Do not sway as you raise your leg. Exhale and tighten your waist as you raise your leg. Inhale and relax your waist as you lower your leg. This exercise will train the thigh, hip and waist from the outside. Okay, rest 10 seconds. Then we will change the side and do the same exercise. Pay attention to Exhale when you exert force to raise your leg and inhale as you lower your leg You exhale and tighten your waist when you exert force Do not mix it up and inhale instead Don't worry if you are not used to this at first Match the exercise with the breathing and slowly try to do it better and correctly You will improve quickly And you achieve better results. Try to straighten your leg as much as possible and make it perpendicular to your body. Your leg should not touch the ground as you lower it. This exercise may be tiring, but you should do your best because its result is really good. Well, let’s take a break for 10 seconds. After that, we will bend the knees and raise the side leg. Continue. In working forcefully even when you lower your leg making sure it does not touch the other leg and keep it there for one to two seconds you must tighten your waist during the whole process in order to maintain stability Exhale slowly as you raise your leg and inhale deeply as you lower your leg Matching your breathing pattern can help With exercise it reduces the fatigue that we feel and it also helps in achieving better results. Well, do not stop and now we straighten our legs. Keep your toes pointed. Raise your leg as high as possible and then lower it. When you lower your leg, make sure that it does not touch the other leg or the ground and keep Stabilize your body This exercise can train your outer thighs and inner hip as well as your waist Exhale and tighten your waist as you lift your leg Inhale and relax your waist as you let your leg come down Okay, rest for 10 seconds Now, we repeat the same exercise on the other side Tighten both your hip and waist to exert energy when you lift your leg You can Doing Kegel exercises when you tighten your hip Imagine that the middle of your abdomen and spine meet When you tighten your waist you can do it slowly and precisely Focus to feel the strength of your muscles Okay, don't stop. Continue to straighten and lift your leg. Your toes should be linked back to better connect your thigh and hip. Exhale and tighten your waist as you raise your leg. Inhale and relax your waist as you lower your leg. Everyone here to hang on. There are only a few seconds left until the end of this exercise, so let's do it! Okay, 10 second break Now, we lie flat and clap our feet together Move your knees to stretch the inner thigh muscle If we tend to cross our legs over each other when we sit or have our feet pointing toward each other when we walk The inner thigh muscle will be very tense This will in turn cause tension The hip and results in hip inversion causing the bones to protrude in the hip. Hip inversion can also be a cause of the knees causing many bent leg problems such as X or O shape legs. Therefore, you should do this exercise frequently. Well, do not stop based on that. Hip stretching and waist, then lift the hip up Make sure the hip, knees and shoulders form a straight line before going down slowly Make sure to go down slowly The hip should be tight and not touching the ground This exercise can effectively train the outer thigh and hip Okay, let's rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the half foot lift Leg hole straight and pointing toes while the other leg rests on its knee keeping both knees as far as possible Your leg, hip and waist should exert force to lift your leg off the ground and then slowly lower it without touching the ground When you lift your leg, exhale and squeeze your stomach as you pull Your waist to complete this exercise Okay, let's take a break now, let's switch sides to repeat the same exercise. Your leg must exert force during this exercise or when you raise your leg. Exhale and tighten your waist as you raise your leg. Inhale and relax your waist as you lower your leg. Make sure that your leg is exercising strongly and that it does not touch. The ground so that everyone can cling, you have done it. Next, we will do the close position. Leg stretching and slimming exercise. Spread both legs and keep them perpendicular to the ground. Point on the tips of your feet. Open your leg as wide as possible in order to properly stretch your inner thigh muscle and thus improve hip flexion caused by unbalanced muscles. After doing today's exercises for a period of time, you will not only realize that your leg

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