Slim Butt/Thigh/Calves in 14 DAYS! 12 Min STANDING Intense Lower Body Workout, No Equipment

Before I start the exercise, I will focus on two points first, this group of exercises can be very good for slimming legs but it is not only limited to slimming legs. It can also help in slimming the butt and correcting body posture including knee superextension, anterior pelvic tilt and flat feet so Everyone should do it well. Do you still remember how you measured my legs in the last video before the foam roller massage? Well the height was 37cm I was very busy at that time and didn't do much exercise so my legs gained more fat but it also gave me a chance to test this set of leg slimming exercises after filming this video I started doing today's set of leg slimming exercises I do it once One a day and I also maintain a healthy diet after two weeks and now, let's measure the legs again it's 33 cm and my weight has also been reduced by about one kilogram if you look at this measuring tape and it starts with a zero here people always say my legs don't look that thick but they're actually the second point It is that when you finish this group of exercises, remember the stretching exercises and massage using the rotating roller or foam roller. You can follow the video that I shared before about massage with the foam roller. That's all, let's start today's exercise now. First, let's warm up the body by doing this. Raise your knees. Raise your leg. As you exhale slowly and engage your abdominal muscles, inhale when you lower your legs. Raise your knees as high as possible and push them close to your abdominal muscles. Good, do not take a break after the warm-up. The second warm-up is the leg raise. Keep your legs straight and point your toes up while keeping the body straight. The legs should be raised up. Possible level The upper body should not bend forward and focus on breathing As you exhale, tighten your abdominal muscles and raise your legs Well, we will then repeat the previous two exercises in a moving manner The first is to jump from the knee to the elbow Raise your knee as high as possible to touch the elbow Exhale when raising the leg and inhale When descending, if you don't want to jump, you can do the static version of the exercise that appears in the upper right corner. Okay, don't take a break yet. Let's do leg kicks now. If you don't want to jump, you can do standing leg raises. Okay, let's take a break. The next movement is leg raises. Lateral Bend your standing knees slightly Bend your other leg and lift it to the side of your body and touch your palm Stay there for two or three seconds Make sure to keep your body in a neutral position and do not lean to the side with the leg raised The knee should be slightly bent over the supporting leg in addition to using the hip and leg The sole of the foot must also be involved in order to stand straight. The sole of the foot is very important but can be easily overlooked. If the sole of the foot is not working well, it will cause a series of problems, such as flat feet, which is a thick leg due to excessive compensation of force in the lower leg. Slimming the eight and knee pain. This exercise It can improve the function of the ball of the foot and increase knee stability and also exercise the butt to improve lateral gluteal contraction It also tightens the thighs especially the inner thighs Okay, let's take a break Let's go to the other side and do the same thing Lift your leg, exhale to tighten your stomach Inhale and relax when you touch your knees with your hands Hold them for a few Seconds before you relax, it will be more effective. Pay attention, you should focus on using your buttocks, legs and the balls of your feet so that you can stand steady and not sway back and forth. Please do the movement correctly. You can do it slowly and control your breath. Feel the effect of the exercise in your hips and legs. Good. Take some time. Rest now Next is jumping rope Jumping rope is a good exercise to burn fat and strengthen the leg muscles as well as improve the flexibility of the Achilles tendon of the back of the foot At first, I believe in the theory of use and neglect of use If I want to slim the legs, I need to avoid exercises that require a lot of jumping using the muscles Leg However, what I got was a pair of weak legs. I got tired easily just by walking. My knee joint hurts and even starts to show the sign of leg hydrocephalus. Hence, strong legs are very important. But at the same time, you should also pay attention to avoid the formation of bulky leg muscles. Make sure to stretch. And massage with a foam roller after exercise Okay, let's take a break The next movement is ballet squat position Keep your feet apart and your toes outside the knees Squat while keeping your upper body straight Feel the effect of the exercise on the hips One of the reasons why today's set of exercises has a good effect on slimming the legs is that I Some classic buttock exercises are designed Having strong glutes can ensure your correct posture and avoid excessive compensatory force of the legs caused by posture problems such as hyperextension and anterior tilt of the pelvis. Moreover, strong glutes can also reduce the tightness of the legs during walking, running and other sports. So on Everyone pay attention now to really slim down the legs, you need to do more butt exercises Okay, let's do some pulses in the last few seconds Feel the effect of the work on the hips Okay, take a break Next, let's raise one leg Bend the knee of the supporting leg a little Point your toes up on The other leg Keep the leg straight and then lift it based on keeping the upper body straight Raise the leg as high as possible Exhale when you lift your leg and engage your abdominal muscles Inhale and relax For the supporting leg, use your butt and one leg together to help you maintain better balance Okay, Hold the same height for the last few seconds I know you may be tired by now but hang in there! Very well, let's take a break to do the same thing on the side

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