SLIM CALVES QUICK | Best 13 Exercises & Stretches ~ Emi

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories do [Applause] today we are working on the cast with 13 exercises and stretches to slim tone and elongate archives but apart from working out diet and nutrition and well-being are also very very important to our health and fitness journey a lot of times i get questions like how do i know what type of diet and lifestyle that suit me the most to reach my goals so what really helped me is my circle dna report on my phone circle dna provides the world's most comprehensive dna test where i got over 500 reports across 20 different categories from ancestry to diet fitness cancer risk and so much more for example my breakfast today i'm eating eggs because the nutrition part shows that i have higher needs for iodine and vitamin d and i add the chia seeds into my smoothie because i need more omega-3 ala test actually reaches 99.9 analytical accuracy with a super simple swap test you can do at home and it will deliver the results directly to your app after being analyzed you only need to do one test in one lifetime so it's definitely a great investment for your health journey if you're interested click the link below with code anyone to get 33 of all dna tests with the right information you can also easily hit your fitness goals and now if you're ready for the workout let's go 13 exercises and stretches 15 seconds each 10 seconds rest for transition first feet lifts [Music] work the calves to lift your heels then your toes to stretch out the calves [Music] [Music] knock you down like boom boom [Music] knock it down rest second sumo heal rays [Music] my [Music] baby [Music] um [Music] left leg exercise tighten the back off your leg for each lift [Music] [Music] [Music] fourth at the lake [Music] exercise [Music] i got no worries [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] squat down until thighs are parallel to the ground then stand up tall and lift your heels [Music] single leg balance [Music] focus on staying in balance with strong lick on ground [Music] three two one switch leg [Music] seven tiptoe square [Music] exercise imagine you're walking in hills making a square i might just lose [Music] [Music] cause i don't need a man to make me feel fine [Music] rest eight standing calf stretch exercise sit lower to feel the stretch and the calf off your back leg allow it to lengthen [Music] [Music] three two one at the side [Music] rest nine bend and twist exercise bend down and twist to your left side keeping left leg straight and right leg bend to feel the stretch and your left cuff [Music] we are changing side in three two one [Music] [Music] lunch twist [Music] exercise this time we are deepening the stretch by sitting even lower and twisting to the other side feel the lengthening in the entire back of your leg [Music] one [Music] [Music] baby [Music] [Applause] [Music] rest 11 down dog stretch [Applause] exercise upside down v place your left leg onto your right push your hip back and intensify the stretch in your right cuff [Music] lake exercise push your shoulders back hip up towards the sky [Music] [Music] come with me [Music] [Music] final one lion hill race [Music] exercise hip hop lift your heels and hold for a few seconds [Music] is [Music] i just wanna know [Music] rest hope you enjoyed this workout and stretch with me remember hot work and consistency are key come back anytime and keep it up for the best results and i'll see you again very soon [Music] – SLIM CALVES QUICK | Best 13 Exercises & Stretches ~ Emi

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