Slim Down Calves in 7 DAYS! 12 min Beginner Friendly Slim Legs Workout, No Jump

Day 0. Place a permanent mark on it until the next measurement. Day 7 (Continue performing this leg exercise for 7 days) Hello everyone, my name is April. Today I will participate with you in a calf fitness exercise that effectively slims calves by burning fat and adjusts the way you stand and walk. Correct, and it tightens the leg muscles and massages them. Well, let us begin the exercise. While doing these exercises, I will explain the reasons for the formation of large calves and how to perform these exercises and solve these problems to make the calves thinner. Well, let us begin today’s exercises. Let us begin first with the wheel exercise. This exercise can burn fat well. Do it. By bending the instep of your leg towards the leg strongly, this will keep the palm of your foot and calf tight, which accelerates the burning of fat and also helps in lengthening the leg. Do this exercise slowly and well, and do your best by pulling the instep of your leg towards the leg as if you were standing and in a position perpendicular to the ground when your heel moves towards the hip. Keep it as close to the hip as possible Well, the next exercise is to rotate the ankle You can do this with shoes on or without shoes on but put a pen between your toes You can do it lying down or standing Either way it works First, make circles with the right foot in a clockwise direction Slowly increase the diameter of the circle as much as possible and with the big toe of your foot maintain good control of all the toes all the time. This is also the reason for holding the pen, it will remind you to keep the toes tight. Okay, take a break for 10 seconds. Do you feel that your feet are hurting? Okay, let's repeat the circles counterclockwise for 30 seconds. Another reason for huge calves is swelling. Moving the ankle can enhance blood circulation and eliminate bloating and swelling in the calves. This exercise can also slim the ankle. Okay, let's move to the other side. 30 seconds. Keep your toes clenched the whole time. This exercise can strengthen The sole of the foot, because there is another important reason for having large calves, which is the flat sole of the foot. If the flexibility of the sole of your foot is weak, our body will depend on the leg muscles for movement, and thus the calves become larger and larger. Therefore, strengthening the sole of the foot can also help in losing calves. Well, take a rest. For 10 seconds, then move in the opposite direction for 30 seconds. This exercise can be done whenever we have minutes of our time, even if you are sitting in the office. It can also relieve the symptoms of cold feet and help correct the position of the pelvis and return it to its normal position. The third exercise, “Plank,” is to lie down on your back. Instep and forearm: This exercise can burn fat throughout the body and it also helps tighten the calf muscles. Most importantly, it strengthens the abdominal area very well, ensuring a healthy standing while walking, thus reducing the burden on the calves and making the calves thinner. For beginners, you can do an exercise. Plank regularly as it works well. Also, try to tighten your abdomen at all times, as this keeps your hips in line with your body and keeps your legs straight when standing on the balls of your feet. Well, the next exercise is the reverse lunge. This exercise can burn fat well and also strengthen and stretch the hip and thigh. Calves Stand in a squatting position parallel to the ground. The calves of the large leg should be perpendicular to the ground. Do not touch the ground with the knees of the back legs. Tighten the abdomen and press the hips strongly. This helps maintain balance and get better results. One of the important reasons for large calves is the accumulation of fat. So we need to do some fat burning exercises. Well, let's move to the other side. The second reason for having big fat is that the muscles of the hips, thighs and abdomen are not strong enough, which leads to unhealthy movement, whether standing or walking, and this causes overuse of the calf muscles. The more they are used The more calf muscles, the larger the size of the calf. Therefore, strengthening the hip, thigh, and abdominal muscles can help slim the calf. Well, let’s do some stretching. Large calf muscles are often formed due to muscle tension and stiffness, which can be improved by stretching. First, the straight leg stretch stretches the thigh. The right leg is perpendicular to the body and the left leg is straight. Lift your toes while keeping the ankle on the floor. Bend the upper body and keep it so that it is as close to your legs as possible. If your back hurts, you can bind and tighten the toes with a towel. Pull them towards the body. Please make sure that the insteps are lifted towards your body. It will help. This is about tightening the calf muscles, not the thigh. Well, let’s move to the other side. Straighten the right leg. Bend the toes of the instep of your leg towards the leg. Try to push your stomach close to your legs. Do not bend to try to reach the legs with your head. The two largest muscles inside the calf are the gastrocnemius muscle and the soleus muscle. This is narrow. Muscles are the main cause of large calves. Stretching can make these muscles relax and turn into short and strong, and the muscle fibers turn into long and skinny, which in turn slims and slims the calves. Then we do a diversionary stretch in the shape of a downward facing dog. This is a good exercise to tighten the calf muscles, where the direction of the hip is towards the ceiling. Keep it. To keep the elbow close to the ears, shift your body weight to the heel. Keep the heel in contact with the ground. If your wrist hurts, then you can do a stretch step. You should feel the strong stretch of the calves. Okay, let's raise the heel in turn slowly. Sixth exercise: Standing in a squat with the entire foot straight. This exercise can make your calves slim and also slim your ankles. Slowly bend your legs in a squat position, keeping your body inclined to the gravity of the earth equally on the leg. Keep your ankles touching the ground. Can you feel the stretch above the ankle? Stretching exercises are powerful, aren't they? To slim the ankle, stretching will be very effective

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