Slim Thighs & Calves in 7 DAYS! | 12 Min Beginner Leg Workout ( No Jumping )

I think many of you know me from these two sets of thigh and leg exercises that some of you have done before. Leave number 1 in the comments. These exercises have been viewed and practiced on various platforms around the world by tens of millions with a cumulative total, i.e. hundreds of millions have practiced the exercises. Our audience is all over the world. World The best thing is that I received a lot of comments from people saying that the exercises are really effective for them and the results are amazing. Not only did their legs become thinner, but they also improved their shape. Today I will present a new set of leg exercise that combines the two previous sets of exercises and has a better slimming effect. Do it for a while. 12 minutes a day and you will get thinner thighs and calves with a beautiful shape. You may notice that the video is long because this video is accompanied by a massage and leg-stretching exercises after completing the exercise, which is also important for slimming the legs. Well, let’s take a look at the effect of this exercise that I tested myself for a week. Before the workout I'm now more than 7 months pregnant It's been a long time since I've done a leg workout This one, this side is in centimeters, but the font is small This side is in inches and the font is much bigger so you guys can see clearly I'm going to use the inch side to measure Let's measure my thighs first 20.5 inches Which is equal to 52 cm, then the calf is a little more than 15 inches, which is about 38.5 cm. After a week of doing this exercise, let us measure my thighs again, 19 inches, which is 48.3 cm, 3.7 cm thinner than before. Then we measure the calf, 14 inches, which is 35.5 cm. 3 cm thinner, and I am pregnant. Now I have not controlled my diet. You can do the exercises in parallel with a proper diet to get a better result than me. Okay, let's do this exercise together. First, let's kick the leg in the air. Let's straighten the leg, straighten the toes, and rotate your toes out. The foot should always be fully stretched. , especially the heels while exhaling, tightening the abdomen and kicking your feet outward. Inhale when the leg returns to its place and restore the position of the abdomen. Imagine yourself as a balloon. When you exhale, the air in the stomach comes out. The balloon is now deflated, meaning it should enter the abdomen. When you inhale, we fill the deflated balloon slowly again and the abdomen returns. Once again remember to tighten your abdomen, only the legs are moving. Do not rotate your body while your legs are moving. The abdomen mainly involves the abdominal muscles, the lower back, the hips, and the pelvic floor. Okay, without rest. Let's continue. Let's keep moving. This time we need to straighten our toes and legs. By moving the leg towards the ground from both sides around the other leg Doing the movement with the fingers crossed can work the leg muscles better Tying the toes will mainly engage our thighs Please engage the abdomen throughout the exercise Do not rotate your body while moving your legs You guys did a good job ! Let's move to the other side to do the two movements now. The first is the kick in the air. Connect the toes and turn the toes outward. Spread the leg with the heel. Let's make sure to engage your legs, feet and thighs together to complete the movement. Remember to tighten the abdomen. Only the leg moves so we can exercise the legs, hips, waist and abdomen. Better Okay, do not stop, let us continue. The second is to pass the leg in the air. Tighten the toes and tighten the abdomen to maintain the balance of the body. Do not sway. The movements for today’s group are all good to work on and stick to it and you can achieve a very good result when you do the movements in place. So, follow me to do So slowly do all the movements correctly and you will definitely reach a good result. Let's go! Okay, now let's rest. Next, we will do a side plank and open the legs in the form of a clamshell. When the legs are opened outward, we exhale and tighten the abdomen. Inhale and return the abdomen to its place. If you think this movement is difficult for you, you can do the easier version in the corner. The upper right opening angle of the clam shell leg should not be large, which means that you do not need to turn the hips outward to make a larger movement on the basis of keeping the body still to complete the movement. Let us tighten the hips as well. Next, we will continue to lie on our knees high with the action Back kicks Let's stabilize the toes while doing this movement Exhale as we lift the knees up and tighten the abdomen Let's try to keep the knees as close to the abdomen as possible Legs kicked back on the inhale Driven back using the heels Do not use the lower back to compensate When kicking back do not tighten your butt Well, we will continue the exercise. We will do a side plank with the leg raised. Remember that tightening the toes will help slim the calves. We keep the shoulder and neck relaxed, and do not shake them. Exhale when raising the leg and inhale when bringing it back down. Tighten your abdomen to maintain the stability of the body. Okay, after this we will hold our body. To the side, we raise the leg that is on the ground. Remember to tighten the toes and rotate them toward the ground. To raise the foot and straighten it, the hip and leg work together to lift the leg off the ground. Do not touch the ground when lowering the leg. Some people may not be able to lift it at first, which is normal. As long as you insist on doing the exercise, you will be able. On the leg lift after 3-4 days so don't give up easily as long as you insist on it, there will be good results keep working guys! Okay, we finished this move, you're all doing great! Now let's move to the other side and repeat the few movements. Now let's start with the side plank and leg open. Oyster shell shape. Shoulders, hips and knees in one straight line. Your hips should always be lifted off the floor. Relax your shoulders and neck. Your abdominal, hip and leg muscles work together to complete the movement. Keep your body stable. Only the legs are moving. The pelvis should not be turned. This movement will help slim the waist, abdomen, legs, and hips. This is a very useful movement, so keep working, everyone, and make your movements in place.

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