hey Scott so today's workout is standing ABS we will be using one dumbbell for this workout if you don't have any dumbbells do not worry you can still join in and make sure to really engage your core by tucking in your pelvis and also closing your rib cage also one extra tip squeeze those glutes to lock the core in position as usual to get your own pace have fun and do your best let's go [Music] [Music] to let you go [Music] it's out of my control foreign [Music] with you anymore [Music] [Applause] myself [Music] uh-huh [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] saw you there's no easy way out here [Music] baby I'm your problem [Music] she won't break me down yeah [Music] there's nothing I can do [Music] baby baby [Music] thank you our Channel I'm coming for you coming true [Music] foreign [Music] let's go home [Music] don't have a clue give it to me [Music] in your hands [Music] I just love what is love I don't understand [Music] made me Chase the halfway around the world or it's just a game I have to play yeah [Music] I don't understand [Music] wake me up wake me up [Music] before yes you absolutely crushed that I hope you enjoyed that workout my goodness my court is on fire and I loved how it Incorporated the core from all different angles hitting that obliques at abdominals and even incorporating our glutes and shoulders well then again for smashing that workout if you liked it give it a big Thumbs Up And subscribe to our channel for more workouts just like this also if you want workout programs from Mr and Mrs muscle download our app now until the next workout peace [Music] foreign [Music]

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