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hello everyone welcome to exit I'm Kelsey Lee and today we're going on a glute and but adventure for our workout so I want you guys to go ahead and get started we're going to start with squats and a raise just like this okay no wait let's go for 15 to warm up and then we're going to be some pulses or partials at the end really get those heart rates up you guys ready let's do it that's three five you guys got it ten more nine eight seven six five four three two one and here goes those partials so it's going to look just like this little pulses okay so keep those shoulders nice and tight to feel that right through here I feel it my quads should be burning okay let's go for ten more six five four three two one nice job take a little rest walk it out all right next exercise we have alternating deep lunges we're going to kick that back leg all the way back a big range of motion the leg that's back we're going to bring our arm up like a shield and this front arm going to touch the ground just like this going to go for 10 on each side you guys ready count this is one two three four five you got it six seven easy three more two plus one all the way back okay Alton eight all the way back let's say that's one take that back leg out you got it two three four really reach five six seven last three one more all the way back feel that stretch that burn good work all right next exercise squats to kick back I'm going to look like this not too wide not too close shoulder-width squat down and kick back rate for with those fingers okay let's go for ten just like this okay and one two three four five really reach six seven eight keep it going nine class one ten back down okay take a break all right next up we have cross lunges and that's going to look like this give yourself some room cross it over remember nation it go above or forward more than your toes turn out to let it go past your ankle like this and which go for a total of 20 turn on each leg guys ready here we go that's five you guys should be feeling this all the way through your quad I know I do glutes hamstrings everything's working activate those cores keep it up and three two one take a rest nice work next exercise squats with a lateral leg lift okay let's go for ten each leg 20 total ready let's do it one two three pull it up for you got it five six seven eight nine halfway there ten make these count guys all the way down and twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen last four easy and three two and one nice job take a break all right this next exercise we're doing slot with a high knee and we're going to alternate so change to the right and then ten to the left okay so squat pull it up just like this ready for ten let's do it touch those knees and for five halfway there six seven eight last to pull it up pause take it break walk it out guys ready let's go to the left leg so here we go and one three counting on now five you got it seven nine last one pull it up squeeze take a little rest okay next up we have bridge raises so if you have a Matt go ahead and get down there if not just lay on the floor it's gonna look like this flat back okay now I'd like to go up on my toes it activates more of your calves and all spearing downstream we're going to pull it up like that okay let's go for a 10 on each leg a total of 20 ready here we go pull it up point those toes really activate your calves should feel the burn like I am and your hamstrings keep it up let's go for ten more ten nine eight seven six five easy last four three two one and bring it down nice job okay next exercise up is kneeling leg extensions so again stay on your mat just like this bring that leg up and we're going to kind of pulsate so really I flip okay remember this is kind of a gut workout let's just go for ten on each leg and just like this one two three four five six really pull it up seven eight nine ten switch take it out she really have to make the switch okay top of the butt one two three four five six seven eight nine make this last one count pull it up and squeeze perfect bring it down okay these next exercises we're doing to coal fire hydrant so just know if anyone's watching you they might think you look a little funny it's going to look like this so pull it up from the side just like this okay let's go for ten on each leg and start with our left here we go inner and outer abductors make them work about halfway there five more and four three pull it up two one perfect take a break move it over here okay let's go for ten ten nine eight seven six five four three two last one burn all right okay we're gonna go into our burnout so go ahead stand up you guys have all done squat before we've been doing some of those we're gonna do a squat jump so get up on those toes raise those calves burn up means you do them until you can't do them properly anymore let's at least go for ten you guys ready okay right here and we're gonna jump here we go two three oh this is easy you got it five six seven eight keep going nine let's do five more you got it five four really reach three two and one and hold it okay guys good workout thank you so much for working out with me today on exit make sure you subscribe and also if you have any questions leave a video comment or follow me on twitter at Kelsey Li calm see you next time

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