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hey everybody welcome to exit daily I'm Michael Petrino let's get started we're gonna warm up here with our cross hooks similar to a jumping jack only we cross our legs in front switch arms as we go about here all right today's workout is called the summit we're gonna do mountain climbers kneeling pullovers wide squats spider-man push-ups and we're gonna finish it off with a pulse plank remember we're doing each exercise for 30 seconds now we're gonna do this routine three times through all right here we go you ready ladies we're gonna get right into our mountain climbers get down on your hands now push-up position here and climb kick those feet up bring your knees up high into your chest and as soon as those toes touch bring it right back keep cycling keep climbing that mountain try to keep your back nice and flat and straight all that weight in those arms go we got 10 seconds left five more seconds and on to our kneeling pullover alright here we go healing pullover on your knees hands straight up in front of you watch your hands glide back just a little bit so you feel the stretching your lats and come back forward same thing again number thirty seconds you don't want to extend your back way too far otherwise you're gonna put a little bit of a strain on your lower back here you want to keep it nice and right in your zone remember to look at your hands to keep yourself balanced and yourself back forward back home really feel it in your lacks along the side here in the stretch all right we're gonna switch it up to our wide squat now same thing is our regular squat take a little bit of a wider stance toes out and simply squat down you want at home make it a little harder for yourself hold the weight down in the middle get yourself going here with like a sumo squats or weights out to the side again if you don't have dumbbells Kansas soups or books in a bag will work just fine for you alright keep squatting working our glutes hamstrings quadriceps a little of our adductors as well here two more seconds and onto the spider-man pushup here we go push-up position 45 degrees at the armpit go down up and on the way up knees out to the side down up knee out to the side just like spider-man crawling along a building nice press and again for the variation can go down on your knees just like Asia's doing here five more seconds here we go onto our pulse plank get in a plank position on our side here we're going to do these for 15 seconds aside and we're simply going to drop our hip and squeeze right back up feel that in your lower oblique here doing all the work it up ten seconds keep your hand on your waist here for a little extra weight if you want five more seconds up to the ceiling for a little more difficulty as well switch sides here we go and pulse it really feel that lower oblique work in there then we could squeeze you up and make a nice straight line with your body here at the top don't rest your lower legs on the floor we've got two more seconds all right how you feeling after that one ladies good you ready for the next set all right here we go mountain climbers let's get into it keep those feet shuffling pick those knees up keep climbing and as always remember to breathe remember at home you can go at your own pace five more seconds and also the kneeling pull over please watch those hands and come straight back really arch at the hips feel that nice pull on the last work that lower back go ten more seconds again make yourself make it harder for you at home hold some weights on the top there while you're doing these all right here we go ladies onto the wide squat now keep pushing working all of our muscles in our legs here as well of our as our core to keep ourselves stabilized keep our body upright as we're doing these squats very nice there you go I'm gonna go a little deeper if you can there you go people you get the more of a work you're gonna get on those legs there as well you can try to get yourself nice and low as possible and come right back up you got three seconds here now we're gonna go on to the spider-man pushup here we go spider-man push up then down knee to the side down and up knee to our side pick up the speed for the intensity ten seconds and on to the pulse plane we're starting on our right side you could start on your left doesn't matter as long as you switch sides 15 seconds aside here keep pulsing open your arms and your head up to the ceiling for a little more increased difficulty three more seconds and we're switching sides alright onto our left side here we go keep pulsing good pretty good five more seconds right once we're less set how you feeling ladies good here we go high fives around look at this last one going nice here we go mountain climbers really push fast as you can remember to breathe remember to breathe main calorie-burning function right there breathing exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide here we go five more seconds and you only pullovers really for the lats pull your arms down and forward as you're doing this want to make it nice here we go nice tight stretching that lad as you go back as far back as you can there without overextending we got five more seconds we're moving onto the wide squat all righty here we go wide squat and up feel that squeeze those glutes as you're coming up remember don't make your knees go past the outside part of your toes front side above whatever you like to have you just don't rest them on your legs cause you'll wind up helping yourself up five more seconds spider-man push-up here we go ladies all right remember 45-degree angle at the armpit press up and yeah very nice Selena's doing a little bit harder works just as well for the beginners you can go on the knees and with time you want to progress get yourself up onto your toes and have these push-ups really do a lot of damage on that chest muscle for you there's a nice keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing very good got five more seconds left and on to the pulse plank here we go sigh and pulse really feel that in your oblique let it get nice and loose and tighten up let you make yourself into a nice stiff plank five more seconds we're switching sides here we go next side switch it up see if you can open yourself up put your hands and your face up to the sky there really push for it here we go guys five more seconds keep working all right good job nice job ladies you are done that was awesome alright that was the summit workout it's a great workout to get you started in the morning but you can do this workout any time of the day afternoon after work just before bed the most important thing is workout with us every day so please subscribe to expedite thanks again for watching I'm Mike Petrino intensity hurts work out then but it was what I loved about the summit workout is that it really got my blood flowing it makes a nice blend of cardio with some isometric exercises and I think it's great for the morning it'll just really get my blood pumping be

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