Toned Abs Challenge (10 MINS – CAN YOU DO IT?)

hi guys and welcome back to my youtube channel this week we are doing a ten minute half challenge so I hope you are ready for this one do make sure you've done a warm-up before and you have some water nearby also don't forget to check out the link below because they've been given you guys a free fat burning recipe of mine it's gonna go perfect with this workout don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button for my channel because I upload weekly workouts hi guys so today for your ten-minute ab challenge you are going to be doing 55 seconds on with a five-second rest this is gonna be intense for your birthday besides we're doing a tag strategy so what I want to do is calm down and squat like position and just punch forward in front to engage your core make sure that your hands are flat [Music] this entire workout do make sure that you were sucking your navel into your spine I want to make sure that your core is engaged [Music] so quickly go down onto the floor tonight on your back the next exercise is gonna be an outside taps I want your knees to come up in a 90 degree angle and all you need to do is bend over if the shoulder blade off of the floor and touch the opposite side of your neck you want to make sure that you're reaching for the midway in between your knee and your foot so almost like touching the cards make sure you're bringing that shoulder blade obstacle because you want to engage the top of the ABS and Mowgli make sure every time that you are coming up you're exhaling so you want to engage the entire core muscles there and Tony [Music] breathe out in out [Music] so the next one your feet are gonna be on the floor and all I want you to do is freak – behind you and source over the middle of your legs so these are gonna be called through crunches make sure every single time and you're pushing through your legs you want to make sure you bring your whole body up that's it exhale and push up so it's almost like you're coming into the sit-up position [Music] remember – can trap the core every single time that you are coming into the crunch position [Music] great job guys the next exercise is going to be running sit-ups so what is Appaloosas and Russian twist position and all I want you to do is bring your opposite elbow it to the opposite knee make sure your core is engaged suck the navel into your spine and really think about inhaling and exhaling now this one can be a little bit difficult if you need to go slower that's not a problem but if you can pick up the pace try and go as fast as you can and during this 55 seven [Music] [Music] thank god you're nearly halfway through the next exercise you're going to be laying on your back and we're going to be doing your sauce saddle crunches so what I want you to do is bring your legs apart and every single time you bring your legs together cross them over and make sure you bring your head up into a crunch like position now this exercise is great at targeting your upper abs as well as the lower abs so remember every time you're coming up and crossing your legs I need you to exhale and then inhale as you come down remember we've got 55 seconds of this so remember to go as quickly as you can but make sure that the quality of the punch is exactly what you need it to be to get those holdouts so cross and exhale [Music] [Music] now I need you to come into a plank position now we're doing spider-man from Cersei so we're not gonna be picking up the pates this one we're going to be going to slower the reason being is I really wants to engage the your glicks here so just bring that leads up either side of your elbow get it as close as you can and make sure that you're exhaling every time you're coming into that first position with me remember 55-second with this do not have your bum too high and do not have it too low you just want it to be in a nice straight position in [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] let's drop guys the next exercise we're going into is back on the floor and we're gonna be going into sit-ups with their ankle touch so what I want you to do is come up in a sit-up position and touch from one of your ankles and then we're going to alternate between each so come up exhale tap inhale roll down now with this I don't want you to rush through these exercises I want you to take your time and really think about engaging your core muscles as you roll up into the sit-up position and think about exhaling out as you come up inhale [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the next exercise we're going into is hold ups so when you land on your back your sorries to do is get your feet to touch your ankles now with this I like to go as fast as I can because I want to make sure that I really am engaging in contract on my oblique muscles make sure that your head is up high and you have your shoulder base because most of it engage [Music] [Music] [Music] great work guys your next exercise is for first crunches so all you loose reserve is bring your pelvis off the floor push your legs up in the air and bring the back down and touch the floor now you don't want to let your feet on the floor for too long it's just a simple touch pushing back up with your legs straight up in the air now this exercise right at targeting the lower abs but do make sure that you're really are looking your pelvis off the floor and driving your legs up in the air to engage them as much as possible make sure to breathe out as you bring your legs up and inhale as you go back [Music] excellent job guys now for your final exercise in the routine we're finishing off with a plant nursery so I don't care for 55 seconds I want you to come on to your elbows and just keep a nice straight position make sure that your neck is neutral your bums not too high and it's not too low suck the navel into the spine and just concentrate [Music] keep going keep holding do not give up go through right to the end [Music] yes that's it guys well dump the completing this ten minute after challenging me let's just stretch out your core so all I want you to do is just stretch over to one side switch over to the other side and then both hand up straight above your head that's it guys I hope you really did enjoy this workout thank you so much and well done so that is the end of your 10 minute ab challenge I hope you guys really did enjoy this one don't forget to give me a like subscribe to my channel and don't forget to also leave me a comment on what you thought of this workout and what else you guys would like to see also don't forget to get that free fat burning recipe of yours in the link below that you can get right now straight to your inbox have a lovely morning afternoon evening whatever time it is for you and I'll see you guys a very soon

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