Toned Arms Workout

hey guys you're watching X hit with me Rebecca Louise today I'm gonna be taking you through a few moves all using the dumbbell and working out those bicep muscles and the upper body so your first exercise I want you to get in a nice athletic stance we're gonna do the overhead press so arms out to the side and we're just gonna press up and down if you want to make this more difficult you can lift one leg off the floor we're gonna do five on each side you can do that first position I did or you can take one leg off the floor so we're gonna swap onto the other leg maybe we do one more and let's swap over five four three nice and slowly – and let's take it up for one more and bring it down okay you next one I'm going to show you is the curl to punch so arms out in front of you like this you're gonna curl it in and then extend as a punch and bring it back down and we're gonna do 20 but we're gonna rotate it so you're gonna end up with 10 on each side get a slight bend in your knee – we own number three that's it just nice and slowly make sure you're doing it correctly and if anytime the weight is too heavy just make the weight less or you can just do the moment movement with your arms let's it keep that core nice and tight too and I want you to curl up and rotate as you extend okay let's keep going and you're halfway there ten to go make sure you're breathing guys getting that oxygen to the muscles we're working hard we keep alternating those arms should really start to be feeling the burn keep that core tight and corrupt and extend and rotate three more [Music] and give me one more [Music] okay just rotate those shoulders now I'm going to show you the tricep extension so you can keep one weight in the other hand extend with one arm and is we need to drop it down behind your head and extend up we're going to do 10 on each side have a slight bend in those knees nice and slowly think about control really think about using that tricep muscle and just dropping the weight behind their head okay we're going to swap on to the other side give me two more [Music] okay drop that right arm down extend the left and drop it down behind the head [Music] think about engaging that core to the lawn stability within our Center focus on that tricep muscle five [Music] Ezard just extend that arm up and then drop it down three to go okay and give me one bar stand fully and drop it down okay we're gonna go into chicken rings so we need to bring your elbows here and just extend out so bringing it up parallel 90 degrees we're gonna do 10 so really think about using those arm muscles squeeze it to the top okay three as high as you can is lifting those arms up five nice and slowly and controlled six seven lights little bending those knees to just to keep yourself supported squeeze that core and give me one more tell those ones are tough but it definitely feels good you can feel the burn guys we're gonna take it on top hammer curls so nice bend in the knee we're on our arms out in front palms facing together we can have our elbows into our waist bring the weights up and then extend down we're gonna do ten of these you've done – that's it again keeping that core nice and tight it's gonna help with our stability and just nice and slowly trying not to move those elbows three to go to last one nice and controlled and bring it down okay we're going to take it into tricep kickback so why does stance are you to get nice and low your elbows in and just extend backwards no do both at the same time I'm going to do ten so try and keep that back nice and straight get nice and low 3/6 end those arms back but it's not a huge movement so just think about being nice and controlled make sure the form is right two more okay there you have it you've done your tricep kickbacks one more exercise I'm gonna tell you for today is the cross body curl so again nice athletic stance and we're just gonna bring the weight across the body to each side of the chest we're do 20 so we've done 10 on each side and one is alternating it's important to alternate keep it going to your last exercise just think how pumped your arms are gonna feel at the end nice slow and controlled movements brilliant toning up those arm muscles and this is perfect routine for girls and boys so you can all get involved you're over halfway in this exercise we're working the outside of the bicep so this whole routine is really mixing it up using different muscles different body parts together overall definition okay give me one more on each side and then you can put your weights down well that's just a great example of how we can build up those arm muscles and if you keep doing this routine you're gonna get that definition that you want check out the rest of the videos @x hey we've got plenty more exciting stuff for you my name is Rebecca Louise any questions leave me a comment and I'll get back to you can follow me on twitter at the model pilot subscribe to the channel tell all your friends and I hope to see you again tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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