my wife welcome to our 14 days mandatory quarantine vlog and also a first time living together test of marriage life there's right after a wedding as well mm-hmm we cannot leave this apartment because you have been to Finland and Sweden so right now Hong Kong has mandatory quarantine for them so we just keep trade at innovation and now we're at this grating area there's not too many people most people actually are just going straight to when they ask them at the roadblock over there though the still planning if you need depends on your special place and we need to fill out more forms your usual information your flight number Network where you leave country the quarantine site address and also how they trace you so there's three options Beach 7 we shared our phone's location through whatsapp big kudos and thank you to all the immigration and health care workers will have to sit here and do all this stuff for everyone tough job we thought that it would be safer if we just stayed by ourselves and did not infect our parents in case we had anything so we rented this place for 14 days is a good test the marriage life do we survive is there gonna be fighting so exciting it's like a drama show so these are the luggages from our Europe trip yeah and then some chats that brought for us to our quarantine appearance will be bringing us supplied and like groceries and we'll order food as well are you ready for a house tour yeah annex 14 days I haven't seen it yet it's a dining table is our living room and then we have two bedrooms since we can't go out to get food tonight we'll eat the liver ooh Vietnamese food hmm we haven't unpacked and that I think we'll spend some time doing all that and chat needs to set up his work best morning did you why are you doing it's my boxes no Thank You V you love me I woke up at 9:00 but I think has already been awake since he's already working and I only sleep at 2:00 work stuff so now chad is forced to eat the same breakfast I do unsweetened oat milk together with mine no added sugar Alpen Swiss style muesli and I asked banana as well I love it super super busy day because we're away for almost two weeks a lot to do do not distract me don't distract me I am I need it work go back to work I tell your boss okay is doing housework disinfecting my parents just brought us more supplies there's my yoga mat to work out my parents make me soup and my mom made me sell it as fast more toilet paper rolls Oh more food which is already all prepared by jet parents and my parents a parent at the price and a lot of snacks dry food we just got a message from our health department crime scene officer we need to contact you – what's up – ensure you are staying at the address you provided by one real-time location sharing to video chat ooh three take screenshots of your home environment for future reference in case the above measures are not compliant we will make use of e wristband to track your location please contact the Department of Health at the hotline promptly if you experience a fever or other symptoms now drinking pepper wonks home cook soap okay I am having salad that my mom made and Chad is helping max husband's a butter chicken and the broccoli and rice day his mommy normally when I eat my own salad lunch at home I'm quite happy with it but now I have a chat next to me oh it's eating Marks and Spencer butter chicken I can smell it after eight hours now we need to share the life location to the health department again it's actually just a function on whatsapp your live location okay eight hours our first home quarantine workout we're ready to lift some water so for dinner tonight we're doing a mix of both delivery and home cook stuffs Emmys mom's salad and my mom's broccoli and rice delivery we've got healthy chicken when she can lick for each of us and I got chicken breast for myself as all and chat of course the unhealthy stuff now get one we be so pretty finished quits thanks baby healthy thanks will will point in day two we're finally going to cook yeah very very simple so I'm going to make my whole-wheat wrap we're gonna find some eggs she did the guacamole I made one for me one for Chad SOTA he doesn't only need to eat I'm healthy food what's that shaking here last night still have her hey kids at the end Health Department just okay okay quarantine day to work out is actually Friday night so we're going to cheat news tonight so this worker is essential buddy so many times before your potential anything while naked check for this wait for his workout there's pain that's the best that's the heaviest look his bill is waterfall so excited haha so we thought oh ooh fancy ah it's the oh yes Terry pesto Emily is hungry let's try watching out every night Netflix show sex education you're like mmm very good first time we tried this restaurant so many videos to film today this is the new tripod that we build you got to make it happen we have new delivery is my mom's homemade pumpkin so my mom's pancakes my vegetable Wow cold cuts thick Wow Emmys also brought her her blender green smoothie yeah last filming of the day the switch hahaha Saturday night weekend cheap meal Taiwanese Deng low so tofu egg some meatballs round three of delivery tonight happy home sesame balls young couple things quarantine day for and the Health Department just called me they wanted to do a what's that video call with me and they wanted a house tours I came a tour of the place that we're staying in they also hook took a photo of me we were happy to call and they sent it back to me as a record so you the photos [Laughter] remember don't go out so to remember to refresh your live location every eight hours but I was sleeping for like 10 hours so of course it expired for a little bit yeah we're about to shoot another video guys upset because he forgot to block the food my mom's homemade pumpkin soup I finish it already why she's too hungry and then I had my mom's three ingredients healthy blueberry and banana pancakes the yummy mm-hmm healthy lunch microwave unhealthy what are you in here for lunch quiche Lorraine from Marks and Spencer what a healthy man mm-hmm Emily's making portobello mushrooms finally half first home cooked dinner a part of it we made this Brussels sprouts with put a bellow mushroom and actually we just certified them together simple but tastes amazing yeah is it good I like it oh wow really go this chest grandma's recipe hamburger my mom's homemade pumpkin so chat has this barbecue my cool way for chicken Windex and wings Max and Spencer are recording our body temperature Davy just lucky that I myself own a thermometer so we just used that one we have to do one in the morning and one in the evenings we're just recording Emily's one for tonight it's quarantine day five my parents brought me my blender so I finally can drink my green smoothie this is baby spinach with banana and apple and coconut milk super yummy to juice you try oh wow that's super good Emmie maki – WHAT I EAT IN 14 DAYS OF MANDATORY QUARANTINE (Our 1st Time Living Together!)

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