XHIT: The Rihanna Workout

today on X here I'm going to be taking you through the Breanna abs workout so if you're ready to get those washboard abs let's drop to the floor you've got nine moves forty-five seconds of each so let's really push through all the way to the end I'm going to start lying on our backs keeping the back flat on the floor and we're just going to crunch upwards 45 seconds on the clock let's go you wanna make sure that that back is really nice and flat so that we're supporting that lower back and just look out in front of you think about having an apple under the chin you're just holding it there let's crunch up keep going guys excellent job Ariana's got that body to die for and after you've done this workout you're gonna be almost there we're just going to keep at it guys it's all about hard work and dedication and five four three two one one leg across the other we're going to do directional situps so just bring one arm elbow to the opposite knee keep breathing guys keep trying to get that elbow to the knee you're just relaxing that ankle on to the other knee that's bent keep going guys keep making that back nice and flat on the floor ready feel that tummy crunch every single time okay five four three two one switch onto the other side and bring that over elbow over to your left knee keep breathing just think how good you're going to feel after you've done the whole exercise don't stop now you're gonna keep going all the way to the end it's just nine moves guys and as you progress you're gonna be able to get that elbow even closer to the knee okay your next exercise after this we're going to go to 45 seconds into plank stay with us for a little bit longer okay four three two one we on to our front and let's hold it into the plank 45 seconds make sure that back is nice and flat we don't want to dip want to keep our bottoms up and keep that belly pulling to the spine they can really feel those ABS starting to work those abdominals are gonna be nice and tight once he finished excellent job guys keep going keep holding it there great job Glazer no stuffy who's got ten seconds left to go of this exercise okay and four three two one drop it down okay so let's swing it onto our backs we're gonna have a legs raised in the air we're just gonna try to touch your toes 45 seconds on the clock let's go if your neck starts to hurt you can always just rest your head in your hand and use your stomach to pull up try and keep those legs nice and straight and really squeeze that tummy in I can really start to feel it working though it feels great guys just the thought of having those sexy abs and rienner abs that's what we want guys keep going guys five four three two one okay back on that stomach if you do a plank it's going to be the active plank so plank position forty-five seconds on the clock let's go you lift up one arm the opposite leg and just hold it for a second and bring it back down this is really great for your core and your balance it's harder than the plank so if you're struggling with this one you can just keep holding that plank if you want to push yourselves a bit further let's try and lift up opposite arm opposite leg keep it going guys keep up the good work just really keep it on the leg nice and straight and five four three two one drop it down swivel round back onto your bottom we'll do the push through set up so you should worry out to fill these now legs slowly apart hands in the middle and push through 45 seconds really squeezed up belly right down onto the mat keep going guys oh the burn feels good her abs is my favorite thing to work out that you can really start to see the results get going many try and push through the legs you already got two exercises left after that is that easy keep going guys keep pushing through I'm 5 4 3 2 1 put your legs over to one side we're gonna do a plea crunches who's lifting it up you go over to the left and then we've just got the right to go and you do this every day guys you're really gonna see the result when you see those ABS starting to work being that sexy we have a body we want really crunch it through guys feel those obliques working and keep breathing guys it's important you just got one more exercise after this guys 45 seconds okay in five four three two one switch it over the other side 45 seconds to go guys come on push it to the end I can really feel those obliques working we're gonna be proud of yourselves if you've got to the end guys don't stop now excellent job guys keep it going keep up the good work you so almost there and five four three two one and now you can relax okay just take your arms over your head put your legs straight and just stretch through those abdominals just take a moment to stretch now when you're ready come up to standing oh my absolute like they've had a really good workout guys I hope yours have two and you know what we Anna works harder her abs too if you manage to get through that whole routine then you're almost there to getting your sexy Rihanna abs but remember it takes time and dedication and here at exit we're there for you five days a week exciting and new workouts so remember subscribe to our Channel it's free it's easy my name is Rebecca Louise and come back again soon you

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