I Gained Weight – Here’s How I’m Going to Lose It!

– I don't actually feel that great at the minute. My supplements. And they're carrying a lot more fat. Being on camera can be very hard. I wasn't actually that hungry but I know I need to eat food. Today is going to be a different kind of video. I wasn't actually going to film this or put it up because I'm really nervous about doing this because I actually always hide this. So before we jump in, don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button and turn your notifications on so you know every time I post. (upbeat music) See here I've gained weight. I've been away for about four weeks with no access to a kitchen, so I've been eating out constantly, enjoying myself and even indulging in alcohol because we've had a few weddings. Now don't get me wrong, I've had an amazing four weeks but eating out 24/7, having alcohol and chocolate, is going to come with some additional consequences. Which yeah, is totally fine, but it depends on what day and mood I'm feeling, and how I'm looking at it. So normally I would completely hide away from the camera, get back into my normal routine of healthy meal prep, and exercise and just not say anything. But today I really just want to show you that I do gain weight. Which is super scary for me to do, and also show you how I get back into my routine and get some of this water weight and actual weight off of me. So on the screen now is a photo of me before I went away, now I felt super lean, loads of energy, and full of confidence. Now next to it is how I'm currently looking. After four to five weeks, eight plane journeys later, and no routine. Now maybe to some of you you can't see a big difference, but to me there is. Now my weight has increased, my legs have got bigger, and they're carrying a lot more fat. My arms definitely aren't as tight, and my stomach does feel bloated. And yeah, my jeans have also got a lot tighter. Now I know when you've seen me online it's so easy to think that it's just naturally always how I do look on camera, but I do struggle with my weight. I gain very quickly, and very easily. I have to watch what I eat. It's taken me a lot of time to figure out what works for my body and my health. And I've developed a routine that I love and stick to every day. But yeah, when I don't I gain. And I gain very quickly. And you know, being on camera can be very hard because I just always want to show you the good. And I told myself that I wasn't going to film for about two weeks so I could get my weight back down. Because honestly I was just scared of the comments I would get. Anyway, let's just get into the main part of the video, and show you, and start my mini transformation. – Okay guys, so what I'm going to do for the next seven days is I'm going to meal prep and I'm literally going to eat the same thing every single day. Now that might sound boring to some people but I genuinely love meal prepping and eating the same thing because it just saves me a lot of time, it means I can be more productive and work a lot longer. Plus I don't have to worry about what I'm actually cooking. And I do cook all my vegetables fresh every day, which you will see. But what I'm going to do today is I'm going to meal prep my quinoa and I'm also going to meal prep my dinner. So yeah, just so you know what we're getting into, you can see that I will be eating the same thing every single day but I don't want to film that, because that's just boring for you. But yeah, and I'm also going to be baking as well. I'm probably going to do that tomorrow because I want to make some protein brownies. But yeah, let's get into it. I'm going to have my first snack of the day, it's going to be oats. So I'm going to weigh out everything actually. I'm going to have 40 grams of gluten free oats, I'm going to have peanut butter, frozen raspberries, and I'm going to actually put chia seeds and flax seeds in with that as well. Just because I want to give additional bit of vitamins in the food. So also, I don't actually like making mine with water, I actually prefer making it with milk. So I'm going to use soy milk. I alternate between that and almond, but I have soy milk so I'm going to use that. Same daily routine, just about to take my supplements, yes I do take a lot of supplements, some are for deficiencies that I have. And others just because I take them. I'm going to do a whole thing on supplements, so don't worry about that. But yeah, taking these are my daily routine anyway. So time to get it. I just made my meal prep so I'm going to be eating this for the entire six to seven days. So I have a side of vegetables with every single meal that I eat. So this is just courgette. Normally I would have peppers or broccoli but tonight I just fancied that. I've got some quinoa in there and it's just turkey mince with a pine tomato sauce and some spices. So I'm going to be having that all week. After I've finished this, I'm going to have a bath with Epsom salts, because that really helps if you have water retention, then I'm going to head to bed and watch Stranger Things. So that's the end of the first day and I'll check in with you guys tomorrow for day number two. – Though we're day two, I woke up and did feel a lot better in myself. It's now currently nearly 5 o'clock so I've had breakfast, lunch, I'm going to have snack in a minute with some tea. I'm making a very big conscious effort to make sure that I'm having a lot of water. I carry this around with me all the time I think it's 750 milliliters. So I make sure that I'm trying to have about three or four of these a day and about three herbal teas. Just because it helps me go to the toilet a lot more which obviously gets rid of all the water retention. On another note, I've been increasing my fiber intake. So with every single meal that I do have, I make sure that there's some sort of vegetable in there. What I will do is in the description box below, I'll put exactly what I'm eating so you can see. But I've noticed since I've been upping my fiber intake I'm going to the bathroom a lot more. In terms of number two. I've already been three times today, which normally I only go once, but I think because I've gone back to eating a lot healthier, obviously all of the shit literally coming out of me. No pun intended there. – Guys, hopefully you can hear me. So it's Saturday, we're on day three. I'm just going out for a walk and I'm going to go grab a coffee, I'm just waiting for Eric. He forgot his sun glasses, shock. But basically because it's a Saturday I don't normally work out on the weekends, but I like to do some sort of movement so I am going to go for a walk. I'm actually feeling really, really good. So I got on the scales this morning, I currently now weight 55.4, so as you guys know, the start weight was 56.1 and we're now 55.4 So to me it's showing me that it is mainly water weight, but it's coming off slowly, which is amazing. I think it's because we're eating healthy, and having obviously a lot of water

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