Yoga For Strong Core (10 Min Practice Along)

[Music] hi i've got a 10 minute yoga for core class let's get started in our table top position from here curl your toes under spread your shoulder blades away bring your chin into your chest feel that hollow body and that core start to ignite we'll hover our knees here for about 10 seconds holding continue to spread your shoulder blades away and pull your belly button in ground your knuckles down from here we'll bring our right knee into our nose and then our left and we'll just continue on here just a little almost like baby knee to nose take two more on each side we'll walk the feet back a little bit press the hips back for downward facing dog deep breaths get a nice stretch in your shoulders here on your next inhale sweep your right leg up exhale right knee tap your right arm inhale right leg up exhale knee to nose spread those shoulder blades away again inhale up exhale twist over to the left inhale up we'll add on elevators this time so we'll tap go down and then back up right leg up knee to nose down and up and last one right to the left down and up we'll step it back downward facing dog just take one breath here deep inhaling through the nose you can even exhale through the mouth let's go second side left leg lifts exhale left knee left arm inhale exhale you're in that high plank inhale on your exhale twist to the right inhale up adding our elevators exhale dip down push up down dog three legged exhale knee to nose down and up and last one here we'll twist take that elevator down and up we'll step it back downward facing dog we'll wave it forward and come into plank pose and we'll hold our plank pose for a few breaths so drag your thumbs isometrically towards each other push the floor away pull your low belly in and let's lift our right leg up and hold single leg plank we'll set the right leg down left leg lifts up and set it down one more on each side stay with it set it down left leg up ooh and we'll press back downward facing dog another breath we'll wave it forward again into plank pose and we'll work into forearm planks so coming off of our wrists a little bit hug those elbows in lower the hips so they're in line with the shoulders and we'll take some forearm plank saws so we'll rock it forward and back forward and back forward and back go five four three two one now with control come down sphinx pose press the tops of your feet use your glutes and we'll lower all the way down from here bring your arms behind you we'll inhale up locust pose so push your belly into the floor and then see if you can actually peel energetically your belly away from the floor and bring your wrists and heels in the same line holding and we'll go down and we'll lift up a few more times so lift up hold and down and if you want to amp this up you'll bring your arms out in front of you lift up and down two more up down up and down and we'll place our hands underneath our biceps get those shoulder blades towards the spine chaturanga could we hold it how about three breaths bring those knees down if you need to belly pulls in core stabilizing pose push up to plank and press back downward facing dog good job so we're kind of doing the overall quarry here we'll start working into our obliques so come into your plank pose let's take side plank on the left so rotating to the outer edge of your left foot reach your right arm up push the floor away holding here nice and easy building strength we'll take our right hand to our hip look down at your left thumb little hip dips down and then up down up down up go five four three two and one with control come back through plank and we'll switch sides so roll to the outer edge of your right foot left arm lifts holding here a few breaths building that core stability and then we challenge it as we take our dips left hand down right gaze is towards your right thumb down up down up little dips five four three two one press back downward facing dog come up high into your tippy toes tiptoe to the front of your mat feel those front core muscles work here as you take a fold for a moment stretching the back body inhale halfway lift heel toe your feet together bend your knees so that your hips are in line with your knees and rise for your chair pose from here think core compression as you bring your chest close to your thighs and we'll land in boat pose widen your knees use your hands if you need to here holding breathing reach those feet up bend your knees if you need to no worries my legs are starting to shake it's all good okay we're lowering down with control scoop your belly in low back as flat as you can hollow body shape here holding hug everything to the midline belly pulls in could you reach your arms up make it more challenging hold five four three two one lower on down for a moment and we'll take some leg lifts here so as best as you can your low back is flat you're reaching your legs up and then down until you're trying to resist that low back from popping off of the mat and if you need to bend your knees or not go down as low that's what you're doing let's keep it moving so we're going down and up belly pulls in down up on your exhale down up down up release the soles of your feet hook your right ankle take a quick pigeon prep stretch so hug your left thigh and towards your chest we'll bring our hands behind our head lower the sole of the foot and we'll take some crunches here so think of nipping your front ribs towards your pubic bone rather than yanking your head up as you curl into a tight little ball here give me two more keep the leg shape take your right hand and reach it towards the right bottom corner of the mat so a little kind of lateral crunch here eight seven six five three with it three two one release and switch sides we'll take that nice reclined pigeon prep stretch here for a beat and off we go lower your right foot take an inhale exhale in so shortening this distance is what's lifting your head and your shoulders you're not yanking things around go three two one take that left hand reach it to the left far corner of your mat eight little pulses kind of six five four three two one all right let's take a nice and easy bridge pose we'll work our glutes a little bit and we'll lift the arms up and set them down as we lift the hips up up and when you go up you're squeezing the glutes up and down going about four three two and one we'll take bridge pose keep lifting your hips up if you can clasp your hands great push the feet into the floor broaden through the chest and we'll lower on down hug your right knee into the chest nice and easy twist here as we finish our quick and efficient yoga for core class we'll take our left leg in and nice and easy gentle twist all right from here we'll rock and roll come up to our seat hope you enjoyed that quick and efficient yoga for core class namaste

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