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Hello! So, we've got a 10-minute ab workout today, which can do with or without dumbbells. The full daily schedule is on my website, along with daily recipes. It's all free for you and also do share your progress with the rest of the community on Discord, Instagram and Youtube, because we're all in this together. Smash that thumbs up button, and leave a comment down below, and share this video with your friends, as it really helps my channel out. And let's get started! We've got 18 exercises in this abs workout today. 15 to 30 seconds on and 5 to 10 seconds off. You'll need a light to medium weight dumbbell and if you don't have any equipment, you can follow the low impact alternatives, or you can just use something around the house like a filled water bottle. Let's start the workout with in and out twist. While holding your dumbbell in a seated position, pull your knees towards your chest then extend your legs out then bring your dumbbell from side to side and repeat. Feel it in your core guys and make sure your back is straight. If you don't have any equipment, just follow the alternatives to do an in and out. Get flat on your mat and we've got alternate scissor hip lifts. [Music] make Make sure you have a tight grip, then raise your dumbbell up vertically. Now lift your hips up high, with one leg closer to your chest, then come back down and repeat on the other leg. Make sure you're engaging your core, guys! You can do it! Short rest and we've got sit up press. Place the dumbbell above you like-so, with your knees slightly bent. Then lift forward and upwards like-so and repeat. Your core should be doing most of the work here. Just take it nice and slow if you're struggling and go at your own pace. 10 seconds rest now! Get in a high plank with a dumbbell placed by your side and we've got plank drag through coming up. Nice and easy, all we're doing is grabbing a dumbbell from one side and placing it on the other. Make sure your hips are not swaying from side to side. Keep your core engaged, keep going, guys! You are doing great! Nice work guys! Stay in the same high plank position and we're going to do some climber taps. Raise your dumbbell with your right hand and bring it back, and tap your left knee. Make sure your feet are spread apart enough to help with your balance. No rest here, let's repeat on the other side. Keep going, you got this! 10 seconds rest here! Get seated on your mat and we've got seated cycle. Lean back slightly with your back straight. With your feet off the ground, you're bringing your dumbbell under and over your legs like- so. Keep your core engaged and make sure your back is straight. Great work guys! Lay flat on your mat and we've got bent leg crunch. With your knees slightly bent, we're crunching with the dumbbells towards your feet and pulse. Then bring it back up above your head and repeat. Keep a slight bend on your knee and work that core. Feel that burn, and you're gonna feel amazing after this. Keep going! 10 seconds rest now. We're doing a similar exercise. We're keeping your right leg bent and crunching upwards, trying to touch your left leg and pulse. Then lower your left leg down, and repeat. Engage your core. Short rest here, we're swapping to the other side. Halfway through the workout! Just five more minutes to go. You can do it! Alright 10 seconds rest here. If you really need to, you can always take a longer break, but you need to push yourself guys. It's just five more minutes. Get in a side plank position, place your dumbbell on your hips like-so and make sure your elbow is resting below your shoulders and your body is straight, and dip your hips down and back up again. Keep your core engaged. Five seconds rest here! Flip around and let's work on the other side. This isn't a HIIT workout, so you're not out of breath here, so no excuses guys.You can do this! Keep going. Alright rest up and get flat on your mat for the next one. We've got double crunches. Place your dumbbell above your head like-so, and bring it towards your feet, over your bended knee and crunch. Keep a slight bend on your elbows and engage your core. Roll-up twists are next. Just five more exercises to go. With your dumbbells above your head like before, with a slight bend on the elbow, we're rolling upwards into a seated position, then twisting off to the side. Keep going, guys! You can do it! We're almost there. 10 seconds rest now and we've got single leg crunches. Start with your dumbbell above your head like before. we are bringing it over your knees as you crunch and then repeat on the other leg. 10 seconds rest now and we've got glute bridge march. Bring your dumbbell above your head like before. Lift your hips up, make sure it's straight aligned with your back and we're going to bring the dumbbell towards your knees, alternating them. Feeling that burn in your core. Make sure you're not over-arching your back here, as you don't want to hurt your lower back. Just three more exercises to go, you've got this. Short rest here and we've got dead bug next. Lift your dumbbells straight up, vertically like-so, with your knees bent and we're extending one leg out at a time. Make sure you're engaging your core here and keep your back flat on the mat. You're getting a good workout here, working your arms, core, and legs, so don't quit now. We're almost there! Now put your dumbbell aside, the last exercise is low plank jacks. While in a low plank, we're doing some jacks with your feet. Stay on form and focus on your core. Let's finish this workout! And that's the workout, guys! Keep going with the next workout in your schedule. You got this! Please leave me a comment down below, it really helps me out, and smash that like button as well, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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