10 Min Cardio workout to burn Fat | Fun 3 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Welcome to the 3-week weight loss challenge! We have a full body workout today, and it's only 10 minutes. It's going to be fun. Let's burn some calories. You are not alone in your fitness journey. Join the rest of the community on Instagram, YouTube, or Discord if you need some enthusiasm and support. As always, the schedule is on the website and it only takes 3 weeks. Now smash the like button for me, subscribe and turn on notifications and please leave us comments too. I will really appreciate you. Let's start…we have 26 exercises across three sets. Some of the exercises are consecutive, 20 to 30 seconds of exercises, and 10 seconds of rest between sets. Make sure you do your warm-up routine. We'll just need a fitness mat, and we start with jumps and knee raises. We're doing knee raises here, but we're going to add an extra jump on each leg. Work on your legs and remember to engage your abdominal muscles. No rest here. Spread your arms wide. The front knee is slightly bent, and one leg is behind you. Then lower your arms, press into your feet, and repeat. Remember to engage your abdominal muscles and stay balanced. Great job guys! And we have jumps and knee raises again, just like before. Nice and easy, keep it up! As before, spread your arms and we have butt kicks, but on the other leg. Keep your abs engaged, guys! Now we'll clap our hands forward like this, while we pull one leg horizontally at a time. Make sure that your back is kept straight, your abdominal muscles are engaged, and your arms are also straight. We're just resting between sets, guys, so keep going. You are capable! We're halfway through the first set. And we have reach and squat. Squat down, raise your arms to one side, then squat down again, and repeat. Work on your abdominal muscles and also your glutes, always engage your abdominal muscles. It's time for some pulses and squats. You are doing a great job here! Just four more exercises, and we'll have a short break. Nice and easy. Keep going. Now start with a nice, easy jog, kicking your legs forward, one at a time, while rotating with your arms. Keep your heart rate up, guys. Burn those calories, keep going. As before, we have applause and a side step. Make sure your arms do not hang, keep them straight and parallel to the floor. We're almost done. We have an intense workout to finish the first set. Let's do a burpee, followed by throwing some punches. Let's finish the first group! Great job guys! This is one appointment. We have a 10 second break. Stop the video here if you need a long break. We'll start the second set with knee raises and variations. Stand upright with one leg behind you. We will alternate between a touch on the knee, and pressing your elbow into your knee, as you would do a crank. Remember to engage your abdominal muscles, and keep exercising. Now, squat down, touch the floor, jump horizontally, and repeat. The rest of the sets are shorter than this, so keep going, guys. You can do this exercise! The difficult group is over. As before, we work on the other leg. Only five more exercises, to finish the second set! We'll squat down, followed by a few twists to the side, while we throw the punches up, and repeat on the other side. Make sure you squat deeply, and keep your back straight. Now bring one leg behind your other leg, bring your elbows back, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. This works on your back. You guys are doing a great job! Now, keeping your back straight and bring your feet out to the side, one by one, while raising your arms overhead. Watch your position and the form you are doing for this purpose, and engage your abdominal muscles. Make sure you don't just flounder. Only three more exercises for this set, keep it up! Now we will reach, followed by punches or one-arm raises. But do it twice before you move to the other side. The last exercise for this set is easy! We'll do side langs. I'm telling you guys the hard set is over. You are doing a great job here! We have one last collection! And mark this group, guys! Pause the video here if you need a long break, or just keep going! Let's start the last set by raising the knees. Try to go as fast as possible to raise your heart rate here. But know your limits! Next we have Langz! Work on your glutes and also your leg muscles. Just three more exercises! Make sure your front knee does not pass through your toes. We have jumping jacks next. Make sure you land safely. Keep your heart rate up here. Keep it up guys! Next we have squats, followed by some overhead punches. Make sure you squat low, and keep your back straight. Engage your glutes and also your abdominal muscles. Then throw some punches when you come back. We're almost there, guys! We have knee lifts and twists. Twist your arms out to the side like this, and lift your knee to the other side. Work on your abs, keep it up guys. Now on the other leg. Just three more exercises, guys! You are capable. Next, we have burpee boxers again. Keep practicing! If you start to feel tired, just take it slow and go at your own pace. Just don't give up now! We're almost done. The last exercise is squats and pulses. You have no reason to quit now! Let's finish this exercise! That's the drill, guys! Well done! I hope you enjoyed this exercise. Rest, and continue with the rest of the schedule. Hit like for me, I would really appreciate it if you left me comments too, and let me know what you thought of the exercise. And I'll see you in the next video. See you soon!

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