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Hey guys, wecome to the 2023 Hourglass Challenge! This is a four week program focusing on your core and your glutes. The full schedule is on my website, and there's five brand new episodes for this program. You can follow these workouts with or without using weights. Now drop me a comment down below, and let's get into the workout. We've got 18 exercises across two sets in this upper body workout, 30 to 45 seconds of exercises with 15 to 30 seconds of rest in between. If you don't have dumbbells, it's totally okay. Just follow the same movements. You're still going to work up a sweat. And if you're using weights, start with a set of lighter weights and increase it the next time you do this workout. Stand upright, and let's get started. Lean forward with a slight bend on your knee. Keep your back straight while holding your dumbbells, then pull your dumbbells up behind you, working your back and lats. We're doing nine exercises in this first set, then repeating them again in the second set. If you're a beginner or just getting back into it, go at your own pace in the first set. Rest up when you need to, and then we'll push hard in the second set. 15 seconds rest here, and we'll move onto the lateral raises. Stand upright and lift your dumbbells up laterally with a slight bend on the elbows. Lift with your elbows until your hands are about shoulder height. You should feel your shoulder muscles working here. I know a lot of you don't like doing upper body workouts. Building your shoulders and lats can help you build towards an hourglass figure, if that's what you're looking for. Rest up, everyone. Shoulder press is next. Make sure you're picking the right weights, and you're not using something too heavy or too light. I'll recommend starting with lighter weights if you're new to working out, and increasing it progressively as you do the workout again. Start with your dumbbells above your shoulders, then press outwards, then bring them back down slowly. 15 seconds rest once again, and we'll move onto rear delt fly. Have your feet about hip width apart, then bend forward with a slight bend on your knee. Lift your weights up, squeezing your shoulder blades together, all while keeping your back nice and straight. Great work everyone, we're halfway through the first set. Renegade row is next, so get ready to go in a high plank position. While holding the dumbbells in the high plank position, Lift one dumbbell up, alternating between both sides. You can have your knees on the mat, if it's too hard to stay in the high plank. Flip around onto your back, and we'll move onto tricep press in a bit. While laying flat on your mat with your knees bent, press your dumbbells upwards and bring them back down slowly. Nice and easy. Remember to swap to heavier or lighter dumbbells depending on how your form is. You should be doing the exercise in a full range of motion with a bit of a challenge. Nice work, guys. 15 seconds rest now. Stand upright and put one dumbbell aside. You just need one dumbbell for single arm row. With your left foot forward and your left hand on your hip, bend over slightly with one dumbbell on the other hand, and pull your elbow up behind you. Exhale and engage your core. No rest here. Lets swap to the other side. Just one more exercise to go after this, and that will be set one, and we'll have a longer rest. Rest up, everyone. Pick up your other dumbbell, and we'll have hammer curls to finish off set one. Stand upright with dumbbells in both hands, then curl your dumbbells up by bending at the elbow. Keep your upper arm stationary. And that'd set one! Pause the video here if you need a longer rest. Now we're starting set two shortly, and repeating the same exercises from the first set. If you felt that your weights were too light, you could swap to heavier weights. It's all about making adjustments and pushing yourself further each time. Similar to before, pull your elbows up behind you and focus on using your lats. 15 seconds rest once again, and we'll move onto lateral raises. Lift your dumbbells up until they're about shoulder height, then lower them down slowly, and repeat. Rest up, guys. Shoulder press is next. Press your dumbbells up and lower them down slowly. Rest and shake off those muscles, and get ready for rear delt fly coming up. Make sure your back is straight, and work your back muscles. Nice work, everyone. 15 seconds rest here, and then we're going back down on your mat for renegade row. While in a high plank position, lift one dumbbell up, then the other side. Just four more exercises to go and we'll be done with the workout. Keep pushing through, guys! Nice work, guys! 15 seconds rest now. We'll flip onto our backs for tricep press. Press your dumbbells upwards and bring them back down slowly. Do it slow and controlled, and be safe. You're doing great, guys. Stand upright and put one dumbbell aside while holding the other one, and single arm row is next. Draw your elbow up behind you, engage your core, and focus on pulling up the dumbbells with your lats. No rest here. Let's swap over to the other side. Just one more exercise to go after this, so don't quit us now. You got this! Final rest of the workout. Pick up the other dumbbell and let's finish off with hammer curls. Make sure your upper arm stays stationary. And that's the workout, guys! Great work on reaching the end of the workout. Leave me a comment down below if you finished this workout, and remember to hit that like button for me, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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