10 min Hip Mobility & Back Pain Relief Home Exercises

welcome team so a lot of us suffer from lower back pain and step hips especially if we sit a lot in our daily life with poor posture so today's 10 minutes exercises and stretches are perfect to do on a regular basis you feel less tension in your hips your lower back pain will slowly fade away your posture and Mobility will also be improved so why not start now if you're ready let's go 16 exercises 30 seconds each with 10 seconds transition in between let's begin with 90° [Music] turn exercise both legs in 90° rotate from side to side opening up the hips I feel like ring I feel like the if you know what you can increase the challenge by having your arms in front to work on the stability and core I can do things you only [Music] dream I feel like rest next ease into cross leg [Music] sit exercise top leg a 90° angle place your foot on the other knee gently fold forward feeling the stretch in the hips and back I'm just feeling [Music] myself W I feel like I Mar a queen I straight up feel like [Music] royalty switch legs what's up with all these sad boys I feel bad boy exercise I'm just feeling [Music] myself I'm just feeling myself don't know if you could tell but I'm just feeling myself [Music] rest transitioning to floor turn lift your hips up to rotate your knees to each [Music] side exercise I [Music] want neither of us want to be alone breathing in your love oh your oh it's what I'm living for say I'll never waste my time I'm all moving on to front and back [Music] stretch exercise bring your hips and knees forward arching your back gently then hips backward rounding your spine loosing up the muscles proving [Music] flexibility baby don't feel no baby don't feel no pressure you make everything easy everything except leaving on I [Music] never next twist and stretch [Music] exercise try to reach your forearm to the ground feeling the stretch in the hips and quad twist and open to the other side then bring your hips back to stretch the hamstrings and lower [Music] back the the baby [Music] change [Music] sight exercise take a moment to breathe deeply relieve the tension and improve Mobility you are doing amazing the one until we see the sunrise get my we alive every night with use the time of my [Music] [Applause] life going into hip to [Music] side exercise from all fours lean your hips from side to side keep your movements slow and controlled as you deepen the stretch I'm diving in we're glistening we're everything so there coming down can help us now I keep trying to fight and now I'm swimming in the waves let nth fire hydrant stretch [Music] exercise lift one knee out to the side while keeping your hips Square place it in front then hips back and forth knee out to the side again then [Music] back me feeling for you love love don't know how I could ever get enough enough enough enough [Music] 10th at the [Music] lake exercise move through the exercise as you relieve the stiffness enough you got me feeling for your love love don't know how I could ever get enough enough enough enough it's tou oh baby I can't get get enough enough baby you got me feel it for you love love don't know how I could ever get [Music] enough rest 11th 90° up strrretch [Music] exercise both legs Bend to the side a 90° lift the top one up keeping the 90° angle opening up the [Music] hips and now you're calling me holding your heart there inside your 12 switch side over [Music] exercise we're going to balance it out on the other side of the [Music] body no you don't get to show up T saying I'm all you want keep your movement slow and controlled and remember to breathe deeply talking but I'm already gone you had to shop you went about it [Music] leg extension [Music] again exercise both legs and 90° to the side extend the back leg straight to the front keeping your foot [Music] flexed don't get to come back crying over the love that you have baby nice baby next you'll hold on to what you [Music] have change [Music] leg exercise feel the stretch along the back of your leg and in your hip flexors did all the right things to get you to say baby it's hard not to give you your way I get the feeling that this has a change 15th pitching up think [Music] exercise one knee bent forward one leg straight to the back gently Lean Forward feeling the stretch in your hips and glutes push up and down [Music] again but we don't know how to face it yeah we're done but we're to afraid to say it time is racing every time we have this conversation table chasing WR the story but I just can't copy paste it yes final one switch [Music] side take your time with each movement breathe with each stretch allowing yourself to relax and release any [Music] tension the war of Art and living grounded you need your space my heart's too crowed [Music] oo I should tell the truth but girl you know I don't want [Music] to remember consistency is key when it comes to improving mobility and relieving back pain incorporating these stretches into your daily routine can make a big difference in how you feel so take some time for yourself today and give your body the care it deserves and don't forget to show yourself some love and kind along the way – 10 min Hip Mobility & Back Pain Relief Home Exercises

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