Sexy Back & Abs Workout | 10 Mins (No Equipment)

Hey guys! If we are after that sexy back, today's workout is focusing on your back and abs at the same time. This workout is part of the lean arms program and you can find the full schedule over here. Now, don't forget to snap some progress photos and videos so that you can share with the rest of us and also don't forget to Smash that like button, subscribe, turn on notifications and let's jump straight into the workout. We've got 14 exercises today. 40 seconds on and five seconds off. Get on your mat, and we're starting with plank row. You're basically lifting your elbows like-so, one at a time. Go slow and easy, And this works your back and abs at the same time. So if this gets too hard, get on your knees and don't forget to engage your core while you're doing this. Next, we got reverse snow angels. Get down flat on a mat and start making a snow angel. This really works the back and the lats. Stay where you are and next We got back extensions Pull back your elbow like-so and this works the lower back and also your lats, and some people call this the bra bulge area. Next we have dive bomber. Poke your butt up and dive down like a bird and then up again. This works your back and also your arms. So for low impact, just get on your knees as usual. Lay back on the mat and we've got swimmers next. Go nice and slow and make sure you're tensing that core. This looks really easy, but it shouldn't if you're doing it in the right form. Stay put and next we got Superman. Lift those hands and legs upwards. You should be feeling it in the core, upper back, and lower back. Don't give up guys. It gets easier the more you do this. Alright flip around and we've got tabletop. Try your best to get as flat as possible when you lift yourself up. This works the back and also your core. Make sure you lift your butt up using your core muscles. Just do your best. We are halfway there guys! Flip around again and we've got lying fly next. Spread your arms to the side and keep giving yourself a thumbs up. Now get on your butt and we've got elbow raises. Be sure to not use your neck to lift yourself. Use your elbows for support, But it should be your back and core that's doing the work. Flip around and we've got bird dog next. Just five more exercises to go. You can do this! Next we got Y&W pulse. Lift your arms like-so and pulse and then move your arms to the side and pulse again. This Really works the back muscles. Just 40 seconds of this, you can do it. Get ready to poke your butt again, we got dolphin plank. If this is too hard at this point, just do regular planks. Lay on your belly we've got cobra next. This works the entire back. Remember to engage that core and we're almost done. Keep pushing. And the final exercise is plank row. Just 20 seconds of this, so let's wrap this up. Great work everyone. Don't forget to share some love by liking and turning on notifications, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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