10 min Intense Plank Workout for Slim Waist, Abs & Core | No Repeat, No Jumping, At Home

wonder who hurt [Music] you I wonder who made you so so mad welcome team to another 10 minutes plank challenge plank is one of the most effective full body exercises to tone the core bu the ABS pull in the belly like an elastic band for Slimmer ways improve posture balance scalp the arms and shoulders the list of benefits go on and on so why not start now and if you're ready let's go first elbow [Music] plank exercise feel the burn as you engage your cord with a classic elbow plank keep that alignment strong and let the challenge [Music] begin I can't imagine your pain I'm just minding my business but you're so feel there something wrong with your Brainz every time you talk it second shoulder tap and [Music] reach exercise from high plank core tight and stabilize as you tap opposite shoulder and reach to the front try to keep your hips centered and minimize swinging from side to side tell me did you Lear so such a you feel I don't know how you third plank [Music] punch exercise punch out the negativity while holding your Plank and let every hit be a reminder of Your Inner [Music] Strength must be so boring boring out of your mind am I your entertainment promise not fourth High Fly [Music] climber exercise work the core muscles bring your knee towards your chest and then extend to the back climb your way to your [Music] goals fifth change leg exercise stay focused and balanced squeeze the core as you bring your knee in how could have known you half detached and I things change 10 [Music] seconds next dolphin [Music] plank exercise bring your hips up feel the burn in the shoulders and core I'm not that dumb you love to take advantage and it always St let your strength shine you're conquering every [Music] second it all rest seventh bare knee [Music] tap exercise in B crawl position engage the ABS and tap opposite knee imagine your tabletop with a glass on your back the goal is to be as stable as a [Music] rock I'll be friends with her one day yeah now comfort her cuz one day you're going to break [Music] her eighth elbow plank rotation I know you [Music] were exercise rotate through the elbow plank engaging your obliques every twist is a step closer to a sculped core better a cover up your I can smell her all of t-shirt bet she didn't think [Applause] [Music] I be enough to [Applause] [Music] leave rest ninth Commando lick lift [Music] take exercise from high plank bend the elbows into elbow plank lift one leg at a time then back to high [Music] plank I got a good feeling good feel you want to know is how to hold on to it every moment into it like my love is an overow yes 10th plank hip [Music] dip exercise dip from side to side as you work your side ABS dip low feel the [Music] burn about the colors lighten up your eyes take me home take me to the sky I I got a good feeling tell me the only thing you are is mine take me home take me on a ride 11th High plank excise back to basic the foundation of our strength [Music] Journey got a good hold strong and let every second Define your [Music] power 12th spider [Music] plank exercise bring the knee to the Elbow on each side set the obliques on fire take me on a ride I got a good feeling about the colors lien up your eyes take me home take 15 [Music] seconds 13th side plank [Music] tap exercise get into a side plank hold Engage The obliques to lift your torso [Music] up bring your elbow and knee to touch in three 2 [Music] 1 J [Music] down see the moment Fully live my life 14th switch [Music] side exercise stronghold you got this get elbow knee tap in three two [Music] one embrace the challenge we're so close to the [Music] end final exercise plank [Music] Rock exercise Rock back and forth in elbow plank challenge the core stability and work those [Music] shoulders almost there 10 seconds [Music] break congratulations plank Champion you did it you've conquered a challenge and your court is now a Powerhouse of strength you are another step closer to your fitness goals now take a moment to stretch reflect on your achievements and always celebrate your strength and I'll see you again very soon

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