20 Min Full Body Workout to Get Fit | with or without Weights

Hello! So today we have a 20 minute full-body workout that you can do with or without any dumbbells. It's gonna be fun, so let's smash our muscles. The full daily schedule is on my website, along with daily recipes. It's all free for you and also do share your progress with the rest of the community on Discord, Instagram and Youtube because we're all in this together. Smash that thumbs up button for me and leave a comment down below, and let's get started. We've got 26 exercises across 4 sets. 30 to 40 seconds on and 10 to 20 seconds off. You'll need some dumbbells for these full body workouts. You can always use alternatives like filled water bottles if you don't have any equipment. Do check the video description for more details. Now let's start with bent over clean press. Grab one dumbbell and stand with your feet hip-width apart. Now lower your dumbbell by pushing your hips back with a slight bend on the knee, while maintaining a neutral back. You can have the other arms extended out and bring the dumbbell back up quickly above your shoulders, then press it upwards with a slight twist to the left. Great work guys! Now get down on your mat and we've got a low boat single arm chest press with dumbbells next. With your shoulders and feet off the mat, elbows bent, press your dumbbells up one at a time. Engaging that core and you're working your chest and your core here. Make sure you're really using your core and not your neck muscles to lift your head and shoulders off the mat. Flip around into a high plank and we've got renegade row next. Drive your elbow back one at a time, and make sure you keep your core engaged. So you're not swaying your hips too much from side to side. Keep going, guys! We're just getting started. Put one dumbbell aside, get flat on your mat again, and we've got pull over. Extend your arms over your chest with your knees bent. Make sure you have a tight and firm grip on your dumbbell, then lower the weight slowly. Make sure you don't drop your dumbbell, be safe guys. Now, stand upright and we've got shoulder press variation. Start with your dumbbells and palms facing you, then press upwards and rotate the dumbbells until your palms are facing forward. Make sure you're using the right weights here, guys. Everyone's different, so you have to adjust accordingly. It shouldn't be too heavy or too light and it should be a challenge for the last few reps. Just three more exercises and that's the first set. Nice work, guys! Another short rest and we're doing single leg bicep curls. Start with your left knee up, dumbbell off to the side, balancing on your right leg, then curl those dumbbells into a bicep curl. Make sure your upper arm stays stable and take your time and go slow. If you're having trouble finding your balance, it gets easier once you get a stronger core. Last exercise for set one, we've got squat pulse. Stand with your feet shoulders-width apart and with the dumbbells on your shoulders, then squat down low and pulse three times and get back up and repeat. Make sure you're engaging your glutes here and also your core. And that's set one. Put the dumbbells aside. Pause the video here for a longer break if you need one, especially if you're using heavy weights. Now have one dumbbell on your left hand, we're going to do a single arm clean press, with twist just like how we did before at the start of the workout. But now we are working on the left side. Feet about hip-width apart, lower the dumbbell down, hinging on your hips with your back and neck neutral. Then get back up and press upwards with a twist and repeat. You're doing great, guys! Now get on your mat and we've got chest fly while we're in a glute bridge. With your dumbbells on your side, feet about shoulder-width apart and knees bent, then raise your hips up into a glute bridge and hold it there. Make sure you're not hyper- extending and now we're gonna raise your dumbbells up over your chest, then lower them down slowly to the side. Then bring them back in. Make sure you're using the right weights here. Not too heavy, especially if you're new to working your chest. Alright, now get upright and we've got bent over rows next. Start with your feet about hip-width apart. Now bend over by hinging on your hips, holding your dumbbells with your palms facing forward, and drive your elbows back. Make sure your back is straight and your neck is neutral. This is gonna work your back and your lats. Next we are doing front raise to rear delt raise. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, now raise your dumbbells in front of you. Now bring them back down, then push your hips back with a neutral back as you bend over and now raise your arms to the side, then lower them down, slowly working your upper back and rear delts. This can be difficult for beginners, so use light weights if you need to. You're doing great, guys! Just three more exercises for the second set. Next we've got a single leg bicep curl. Just like before, we're working your right leg now. Dumbbells off to the side, left knee up, hold the balance then perform some bicep curls. Try your best to stay stable, engaging that core. Keeping your upper arm stable and work those triceps. Now put one dumbbell aside and we've got tricep extension. Have a firm grip around your dumbbell above your head, then slowly lower your dumbbell down. Don't flare your elbows out and work those triceps. Last exercise for the second set and we've got good mornings. Grab both dumbbells and place them on your shoulders securely. Then push your hips back, allowing a slight bend on your knee, while keeping a straight back and neutral neck. Then go back into a neutral position and repeat. This is gonna work your glutes and your hamstrings and we're halfway through the workout, guys. you're doing great! And that's the second set! Pause the video here if you need a longer break. Alright we're starting the third set with deadlift to squat. Grab your dumbbells with your palms facing you, lower your weights down slowly as you hinge on your hips, with a slight bend on your knee. Make sure your back is straight and neck is neutral and then push through your feet to get back up. Then lift the weights quickly to your shoulders and then we are doing a squat. Make sure you're engaging your core and your butt here. Great job guys! Next we've got hammer curl to press. Dumbbells to your side and palms facing your thighs, then we're doing a hammer curl to your shoulders, then press it upwards. Make sure your upper arms are stable when you're doing hammer curls. Take it nice and slow and make sure you're using the right weights and adjust as necessary as you progress through the schedule. Ten seconds rest now and we've got a lateral raise variation next. Raise one dumbbells to your side laterally with the other forward, in front of you. Bring them back down and alternate the other direction with the other hand. Go nice and slow and make sure you are raising high enough but not

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