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10 Min Standing Abs Workout to get Ripped ABS

So some of you are not a fan of mountain climbers or planks, so you will love this abs workout. We have 13 exercises today that are 40 seconds, 0 to 10 seconds. Let's start with “high knees.” Make sure to squeeze and engage your core here in order to train your abdominal muscles. But for low impact just do it nice and slow without jumping. So standing ab exercises are really great for burning extra calories. If you want to burn your love handles and belly fat try ab exercises along with other ab exercises. So instead of standing or resting you can run during the rest of the time to keep your body moving. Next we have “Extend and Twist”. Raise your hands high and push them down as you lift your left leg into a deflection. The pressure is on these guys. No rest here, we're going straight to the other side. So again instead of resting you can walk but if you are very tired then it is ok to rest. We then have an extension followed by a crunch. Return a leg with your hands up and push your knee forward in a crunch. We're not taking any breaks here, let's switch to the other side. Next we have the “slant jacks”. It sounds silly but trust me it will give your curves a great workout. For low impact just do it without the jump. Nice and slow. Well, we're almost halfway through practice guys, it hasn't been long. We will then do “forefoot touches”. Remember, these exercises are only effective if you occupy this core part of your workouts. Make sure you exercise them well. We don't take any breaks here. We're going straight to “cross-overs.” Keep pushing guys. Okay, we'll go to Wood Slices now. Start with your hand on the left side. Inhale as you lift and twist. Exhale as you break with. 4 more exercises to go. This exercise is great for the obliques. No break, guys. We'll do the other side. Okay, so next we're going to “Heisman.” It's pretty much taking a step to the left or right and bringing it toward the opposite side. Just be nice and slow and get rid of that kernel. This is not about speed. It's about working your abs. The final two exercises. We raise a leg to the side with a slight bend. Those italics work for you. You are almost done. No rest here. We finish the exercise by doing the other side. Let's do this. Great job everyone. I hope you enjoyed this abdominal based routine. Feel free to do other ab exercises with this exercise. Smash this button like. So this video reaches more people who might need it. Subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you at the next workout. Farewell

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