10 min STANDING ARM WORKOUT | With Dumbbells | Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders | Zero Pushups

what's up everyone we're about to do a 10 minute standing arm workout today i'll be using two eight pound dumbbells but as always i encourage you to use whatever weight suit you best we'll have 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest for 10 moves total so grab your weights and let's get started [Music] all right let's get started using both dumbbells first up we have four full bicep curls then four mini curls stopping halfway here we go start off with the full curls palms facing up [Music] good half girls [Music] [Music] all right 15 second break next step we have upright row then forward raise palms down [Music] here we go work those shoulders exhale inhale [Music] uh [Music] good keeping those shoulders down and elbows lifted for the uh front raise here keep that core strong [Music] all right next up you're going to bend through those knees and lean forward elbows drawing back we have alternating tricep extensions [Music] here we go exhale inhale bend good long flat back keep those elbows drawing back the whole time good keep it slow keep it controlled [Music] [Music] all right palms facing in we have hammer curl single punch forward and then other arm [Music] here we go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay we have overhead press palms forward then do a little pulse back with the elbows exhale inhale bend pulse back [Music] here we go [Music] good make sure keeping that core strong especially for the pulse bath make sure you're not arching the back there feel the burn breathe through it almost there 15 seconds [Music] all right back to that position where we are leaning forward we have single arm wide fly so bringing the arm to the side you can have a slight bend through that elbow working the back of the shoulders here here we go exhale to lift inhale to lower good really focusing on that control here make sure we're not swinging it keep it slow focus on the muscles you're working back of the shoulders got squeeze those shoulder blades nice okay dumbbells together we have overhead tricep extensions like so if you want to add a little challenge we're going to do a half rep then full rep here we go [Music] good hold those ribs in core is activated good always checking in with our posture throughout [Applause] all right that was the killer next up we have bicep curls but we are pausing halfway so pause here lower pause here curl [Music] we go [Music] [Music] maybe we should take [Music] okay two moves left we're gonna do narrow overhead press punch the sky lower punch lower alternating arms here we go make sure you're not dropping those elbows keep them in front of you good use the breath [Applause] ten seconds left [Music] [Laughter] [Music] all right last move we have lateral raises palms facing down then v raised forward good if you need to bend those arms a little bit more in this one then you can but this is your final move you can do it let's push here we go good final burn up for those shoulders you're almost there final stretch got 10 seconds left [Music] that was tough amazing work everyone all right you made it through if you enjoyed that one then hit the like button subscribe to my channel and comment below to let me know how it went for you see in the next one [Music] you

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