10 min Upper Body Workout (Arms, Back, Chest) Slimming & Fat Burn | No Equipment

you better keep [Music] hi guys I'm Amy and today's another very highly requested video we'll be working on the upper body and the brain will mainly be targeting the arms and the back this workout is super intense a burn is crazy every time I do it I tie it so bad but it is extremely effective and the best thing is that this workout is suitable for all levels so even if you have beginner who are just starting out your fitness journey or if you're like me who has been working out regularly this workout is still going to give you the ultimate burn but before we start I also want to answer one of the questions that you guys ask me a lot what are the healthy food options to eat before and after workout and this time I'm going to recommend you guys Chuy's I get mine from set free you guys know I eat them almost every other day because the sodium a is super healthy a cesspit green here has more vitamin C than an orange already covering a full day's requirement while the Sun goat here has even more vitamin C than the green actually three times more than an orange it's also a really good source of dietary fiber to keep our justice system healthy Wow Green has more fiber than called kiwi fruit they both contain this rare combination of both soluble and insoluble fiber as much as oatmeal and vegetables like Brussels sprouts so yeah it's one of the healthiest pre-workout and post-workout here for our body another personal reasons I really like it is because I'm lazy and is such an easy fit to eat you don't need to take out the seeds or peel it or jus for a long time like an apple am i coming okay I ate my Q E and now ready for my workout and if you're ready – lets go but before we start the workout let's begin with a warm-up to get our arms and back ready for the burn air pull would circle you can sit spend in whichever post you're comfortable with arms in front palms facing down then squeeze your shoulder blades together as you pull your elbows back then flip your elbows pointing up and rotate them in circular motions to try and make as big of an angle as you can you should be feeling it in your back and shoulders after 30 to 45 seconds they should be warmed up and we're ready for the workout okay guys let's do it exercise is int worm with shoulder tap feet hip-width apart hands on the floor walk your hands forward into a high plank where your body is in one straight line from head to heel then holding your core tight tap your opposite shoulder one by one with your hand and walk your hands back to your feet this counts as one rep keep going for 45 seconds this is not just working the arms and shoulders but also our belly and a full body to get it into fat-burning mode [Music] doing good so far second is winged fly lying face-down on the mat arms by your side palms facing down face shoulders and chest off the floor then squeeze your upper back and shoulder blades together as you lift your arms up as high as you can repeat for 45 seconds [Music] you're starting to feel the burn it's getting tough I know if you're doing it together with you keep going don't quit on me the burn is exactly what we want is what you're here for so make it count [Music] good what we're doing amazing so far sit back up and assert exercise is tricep dip for an intense burn in the back of our arms sit on the floor hands behind your back feet in front of you hip-width apart holding your core tight lift your butt up and straighten your arm for each rep band your elbows and lower your upper body with your butt tapping on the floor and immediately push yourself up again by straightening your arms and lifting your butt off the floor repeat for 45 seconds you guys this is burning so bad I'm returning jelly but no pain no gain you want the burn so don't stop push it together with me we'll survive this together [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay I almost died but we got it done so good job next one let's lie down to give our arms a break and work on the back back sweep similar to wing fly face down on the mat this time reach both of your arms straight up to the front slightly lift your head shoulder and chest off the floor walk your upper back and squeeze your shoulder blades as you bend your elbows to the side and back as if you're trying to have some touch behind your back then we reach your arms back to the front keeping them off the floor this is one rep repeat for 45 seconds you will be feeling an intense burn in your back it means this is working so don't drop hang in there guys it's not easy I know I'm dying here but only a couple more seconds to go we can stay strong and not the one done now let's get on to our fifth exercise to work on our arms hen release push up to knee push up don't worry if you cannot do rec the LA push-ups yet these exercises will help you train up the strength to one day being able to do a push-up first 22 seconds we'll focus on the hen release push-up begin at the top and high plank position then bend at the elbows lower yourself to the ground quickly lift both hands off the floor this is the hen release then please send back on the ground holding your core tight and push yourself back up after 22 seconds switch to knee push up by having knees on the floor throughout the whole movement remember to keep your butt down ideally your body should be in one straight line while keeping your core tight this is training our arms chest shoulders and abs I know your arms are super sore I'm really struggling here as well but let's push ourselves to give it our all we're almost halfway to [Music] this is so painful but we got this next one we can rest our arms for backs lift [Music] lying face-down fingers behind your ears with elbows up squeezing your lower back muscles to raise your upper torso up as high as possible while trying your best to keep your feet on the floor remember you're lifting your upper torso including your chest off the floor not just your head so keep your neck neutral and really squeeze your back every time you come up this is not only working your back but also your abs keep pushing guys we're not quitters stay committed and always remember no pain no gain [Music] six down only four more to go get up into elbow plank for plank punch my favorite arms exercise with your elbows forming a triangle base with your forearms under your shoulders engage your core raise one arm up to punch forward as hard as you can then lower it down and alternate between sides the harder you punch the more fat and calories we're burning get it guys also try to work your apps to keep your body in one straight line as much as possible [Music] [Applause] [Music] it gets tiring but we are stronger than that keep punching that was a good one enjoy your 15 second rest and ace a single arm plank only 3 minutes ago let's do it get into a high plank position raise one arm up to the front then just hold it there for 22 seconds before switching to the other arm it's as simple as that but you guys know me it' – 10 min Upper Body Workout (Arms, Back, Chest) Slimming & Fat Burn | No Equipment

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