10 min Workout for Seniors / Overweight/ with Joint Pain [NO JUMPING] ~ Emi

[Music] many of you who watch mama Wong's weight-loss journey video know that she lost 25 pounds and a lot of you requested a video so this is as my mom's go to work out it's a 10-minute no jumping low-impact but fear effective workout perfect for those who are beginners overweight older in age or have joint pain and what's your full body your arms back chest core belly hips thighs whole legs of Cubs s mama wall mentioned in the video she hadn't exercised for years she had a lot of joint pains her knees were not good she had frozen shoulders and she was always falling but says she started her fitness journey it completely changed she's now so much healthier and happier she hasn't fallen even once since her frozen shoulders and her joints are completely healed if you want to know more about her story you can click the link right up here enough talking mono wall are you ready for the workout yes I'm ready if you guys are ready to go let's go but but are you ready hey if you don't have a yoga mat at home it's fine it's not a must for this workout you can do it on the floor on the carpet anywhere you want just make sure it's clean class exercise we're warming up our upper body and getting started with the arms shoulders and back burn arms bend pointing up squeezing your shoulder blades and extending your arms towards the sky slow and controlled make sure your arms are parallel to your body back tight core tight and chasse up [Music] [Applause] [Music] you should start to feel it in your shoulders and arms this is also working our joints mobility and flexibility [Music] [Music] rust for 20 seconds and second exercise is punch and kick to work both our arms and our legs you that sound can you feel the views [Music] for each rap punch one arm out and kick the opposite leg to the front alternate sides punch and kick as hard as you can the more force you put into it the more burn you get [Music] [Applause] [Music] any negative emotions you have frustration anger disappointment punch and kick it all out mama Wang set this move mixed review badass let's punch harder kick harder [Music] so we're continuing the arm burn with arm circles [Music] it's all even now I'm straight rotate them forward and small circles look super easy but trust me you are going to feel the burn really soon continue with this direction for 20 seconds and switch to rotating backward the burn should be building up in the arms let it do the work remember no pain no gain [Music] fourth is winged fly and lift working our whole back arms shoulders Lakes and balance band forward sitting your butt back back flat and knees slightly bent lift your arms to the back and pulse for three reps with palms facing up then lift them up all the way to the front above your head apart from working the arms also maintain attention and your legs you should be feeling a burn in the thighs as well [Music] [Music] first exercise is the last standing exercise twist with me raise to workout full body especially ABS ways lakes and also stretching out our spine plus walking our balance hands in front raise one knee up while working your side app to twist and turn your torso to the side off the race knee touching the knee with your opposite elbow alternate sides to keep twisting try your best to work it Lakes and strengthen your stance to maintain your balance we're more than halfway through [Music] [Music] SiC let's get down to the floor for reverse lick pipe lie on your back hands below your bum punch your apps to pedal your feet and reverse bike motion the lower your legs go the more it works your lower abs and your thighs [Music] challenge yourself let your legs go lower remember to press your back to the floor holding your abs tight [Music] seven plus focus the burn in our legs and especially our thighs licks left up and front lie on one side elbow supporting your torso up leg straight lift the upper one to as high as possible lower it without dropping to the ground or the other leg so we can keep the tension and then lift it to the front alternate between up and front see the burn in your thighs keep it going do this for yourself [Music] maybe your eight is the same bus which lake [Music] that sound [Music] we got one summer so let's make it count make me feel like every away [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] ix we are targeting the abs and belly area with slow crunch [Music] hands behind your head curl yourself up like a shrimp using the strength of your belly area but not your neck keep your neck neutral press your back to the floor crunch up slowly until shoulder blades are off the floor pausing at the top then slowly lower down focus on using your abs and core for each rep really squeeze it hard in the belly area to lift your body up [Music] and we're on to a final exercise downtown to four points plank a very effective full-body exercise working the arms shoulders core abs hip lake's while improving flexibility mobility and balance starting in all fours push a hip back into an upside-down V this is your down dog position then come forward into four points plank just like how you are on all fours shoulders and knees making 90-degree angles but the key is keeping your knee off the floor then push back into down dog I know this is not easy especially on the arms and shoulders but the more apps and core strength you use the lighter your body will feel putting less weight and your arms almost there guys give me a few extra reps and we're done give yourself a high-five well then today remember to stretch it out before you go come back anytime you want for a full body burn determination and consistency are key to achieve the progress and results you want to see stay tuned for more videos to come subscribe and turn on notification and I'll see you again very soon

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