10min Posture Fix Workout | No more Hunchback & Rounded shoulders

hi guys welcome back do you want to get that long Swan like neck or do you want to get that 90 degrees knife sharp shoulder do you want to get rid of that round shoulders and back posture so round the shoulders is also called Upper Crust syndrome it's basically some muscle are short and tight While others are overstretched and weak so what do we do yes we lengthen the short and tight muscle and strengthen the long and weak muscle okay so that's why this workout would combine some stretches to improve your flexibility in your neck and shoulders area also with some exercise to strengthen your shoulder blades and your back muscle okay without further Ado let's get on to the video okay now grab your hands to the right and pull your head towards your shoulder and Chin towards your shoulder keep your elbows in and next to your body [Music] foreign and now we do the other side remember to pull your elbows in next to your body [Music] foreign ears open up the chest and squeeze the shoulder blade every time you open up squeeze the back muscle give some power give some pressures into it don't squeeze up the shoulders while you're doing this exercise otherwise you're training the wrong muscles [Music] foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] circles with your shoulders thank you it's very likely that your hands will fall apart but it's okay just keep it as close as you can [Music] foreign and now put your lower arms out and just squeeze to the back imagine that you want to pull both elbows together remember never squeeze up your shoulders [Music] foreign [Music] next to your body and inhale open up your chest and your lower arm exhale return back to Center again it is very likely that your elbows will fly out and can't keep it next to your body it is completely okay just have the intention to squeeze the back and just have it pull in towards you [Music] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] okay now extend your arm and sway it to the back so we're going to do four swings the last one inhale open up your chest and squeeze the most of your back [Music] remember never squeeze up your shoulders [Music] thank you [Music] and now we're going to do a yoga pose try to grab your hands at the back if you can grab your hand you can use a strap to help with it this would give you a nice stretch of your shoulders your chest your neck foreign [Applause] [Music] [Music] stretch the other side foreign [Music] if you like you can close your eyes keep your breath steady hang in there we're almost done [Music] okay now we're going to do an exaggerated version of a cat Cow so exhale curl your back hug everything in inhale open up your chest extend your arms [Music] oh foreign [Music] facing each other every time inhale you extend your arm exhale you move down inhale exhale inhale exhale every time you move your hands down keep your shoulders down [Music] foreign and now grab your elbow and pull to the back [Music] if you like you can hold it for a few seconds close your eyes and keep your breath steady [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] and I always have some tips for those who stay to the end always remember to have the intention to move your shoulder blades back and down imagine there's a golf ball in between your shoulder blades right here and just squeeze that like this is a very simple exercise you can do at any time I mean you can do it while you're watching TV you hang out with your friends I mean cooking some dinner you got nothing to do just squeeze that and I also have one more simple exercise try to keep your upper body onto the wall and move your arms up and down without moving any single part of your body so once your back muscle is strong enough it will pose you back upright and you will definitely have that confidence and beautiful posture that you can nail it in any situation but anyway I hope you guys like it and I will see you guys in the next one I need to get some water because it's really hot today okay see you around [Music]

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