hi guys welcome to my first youtube video here today focusing all on being apps so this workout is the day is just focusing all of the upper the lower athletes section so the reason I'm decided to keep me to be able to go is because I'm being passed by the friends of family what do I do to stay in shape so last year I was getting a lot chunkier on the thigh area and bum not even it was because I was gaining a lot of fat because my diet was so awful and why I was doing as if teased a lot a heavy weights so what I decided to do is cut that out completely don't need to go to the gym anymore I'm noticing I just sticking to they've actually now shoot this look here so if you guys are wanting to do an easy homework out of that any gym memberships and you wanna get some apps please I think I said you just slowly roll back we're gonna get into our crunch position here we're gonna start with 10 so 1 2 3 make sure when you guys are lifting up that you are really making sure your shoulder blades come off the floor and your chin is looking up towards the ceiling 1 8 9 one more 10 cake next we're going to do crunches whip me up 2 3 4 again make sure your shoulder blades are coming off the floor and you aren't lifting that knee right up there so you're getting the crunch 9 10 switch right over to the other side 1 2 3 4 really crunch there can you get those ABS guys and one more 10 per pet so now we're going to do another crunch so it's lifting the leg up straight I'm going to do 10 again you make sure you're lifting that shoulder blade and you're also getting your need to touch your elbow so a half way 7 8 9 so hold that 8 seconds just squeeze perfect ok Kai switch over to the other side 1 2 3 if you can't get that elbow to touch the knee that's even better really getting that crunch there 7 8 9 one more and then again we're going to hold for 8 seconds here again try and kick that an elbow to touch that new amazing ok so now we're going to go into reverse crunches and we're going to do two sets of 10 so one to make sure your toes are tapping the floor as you come down and really make sure you're almost pushing up to get in your barf in the air that will really engage the lower abs for you I should just say I'm laughing it's my boyfriend decided to drop the video standard okay amaze it and we're just going to do one more set here guys so 1 2 3 4 5 push up 6 seven yes eight you could fill your ups growing already and one more ten perfect so we're just gonna roll over to our sides I'm going to do some oblique crunches so to play on the sides here and you're going to lift your leg up into a crunch position you can use your arms like I'm doing so one two three four five six seven eight nine and on the 10th we're going to hold it just hold for eight seconds and then we're going to go into some pulsing one two three four five six seven eight nine ten fantastic and now let's just switch over to the other side and we're just going to repeat this whole little exercise again so again starting with ten oh—but crunches and one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and hold one two three four five six seven eight and then we're going to go to the pulsing two three four five pathway really squeeze Oh fantastic okay so now I'm going to do is we're going to move over to all fours and we're going to do this little thing that I do for our obliques really good at engaging the side as well as the bum so one to make sure you really kick your leg back as it really engages the glute and when you're coming in here you're really engaging your oblique muscles hopefully you can feel that it's a great exercise to combat two things and one of it and now we're going to switch over to the other side we're going to do ten here so one two three kick that leg up for yes yes keep coming kick it okay we're just going to pick the exact same thing going on the other side walk on the same side so one two three four five half way six seven eight nine ten and now switching over to the other side this one is your last step from it one two three just stick that you're getting a really nice firm bum and cracking abs at the same time that's what I always think that's it perfect one more and finish okay so now we're going to go into is we're going to go into our plank twists so you can either go on the knees till I can do it or you can go into the full plank four five six you don't have to get your hips touching the exact for so much you're just doing this move that's perfect okay now I'm going to go through the full plank position and repeat and one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten I didn't do okay so now we're going to do is going to do plank crunches so get into the plank position and go up and down and we're just going to do ten of these this is really really good for the ABS as well as the shoulders sit keep going this we're nearly done nearly there okay and now we're just going to hold a plank in here just think ABS ABS ABS the big bucks and healthy food after it will push you through keep going okay great amazing so ever you go sort of roll over and just do a quick stretch lifting your arms above your head and then just slowly roll up and I like to just do a quick little side twist to stretch and the other side an amazing you guys are done it congratulations and doing your first ever work out with new really hope you enjoyed this and please don't forget to Like and subscribe

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