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Feel Good Flow (30 Min Yoga Practice Along)

hey friends kathy madeo back with another practice along video today i've got a feel-good flow let's get started we'll start in tabletop position with some dancing lions just go ahead and start making big circles hips shoulders waking up all of your joints going in either direction and nice and easy we'll switch sides you can start linking your breath to your movement inhaling as you go forward exhaling as you go back and we'll come into our table top turn so that your thumbs are pointing forward and just rock your shoulders side to side we'll continue to fan our hand so that our fingertips point towards our knees and we'll rock forward and back from here just peel the heel of your hand and stretch all your fingers we'll shake out our hands and come right into our downward facing dog so lift your hips chest back spread all ten fingers reach your sit bones up and breathe in through your nose and out through your nose slight push of the floor away just let your hips go to the right your feet will kind of turn the heels over to the right you'll bend your right leg straighten your left leg so you're getting a lateral side bend of the left side and we'll switch swivel those feet on over to the left bend your left knee straighten your right leg and we'll come into downward facing dog come up high into your tippy toes bend your knees turbo dog so chest way back towards your thighs belly pulls way in i want you to push off your feet into a high plank so you'll kind of move horizontal spread your shoulder blades away here high plank bend your knees bend your elbows stick your seat up and wave on back to that turbo dog so these are spinal waves just take those two movements try to link them together we go inhale as we extend the spine back and exhale as you go forward and hollow out the belly and just keep moving in this way if you're new to these they might feel a little strange and then they start to feel more fluid as you practice let's take about two more and last full run here we'll come up high into our tiptoes still and tiptoe or walk to the front of your mat feet hips distance apart take ragdoll so you'll grab opposite elbow and bend your knees a little bit here work your chest towards your thighs so bend your knees as much as you need to sway side to side so in 20 minutes i like to just kind of link as many standing poses as i can together and just move your body in all different directions and just leave you feeling kind of energized and open so you can just kind of set your intention here okay take your right hand place it underneath the crown of your head you can be up on fingertips or palms down bend that right leg peel the left shoulder open option to roll your left shoulder forward and find your inner right thigh just fixing my mic here breathing and then switch bend your knees place that left hand down left knee stays bent right leg straightens right shoulder in left shoulder rolls away from your chest now you'll roll the right shoulder in bend the elbow behind you and released we'll roll up one vertebrae at a time so keep your knees softly bent belly pulls way in we'll stand nice and tall and mountain pose inhale sweep your arms up gaze up exhale hinge and fold all the way down you can always softly bend your knees inhale halfway lift step your left foot back we'll drop our back knee inhale low lunge on janae asana allow your hips to come forward engage your left glute muscles chest lifts up on your next exhale back toes can curl under you'll straighten your front leg no hands run or stretch we'll link those together if your back knee is bothering you you can pad your back knee with a blanket or roll up your mat and we'll exhale fold and one more inhale hips forward chest up exhale fold we'll release our hands now run our stretch drag your right heel back scoop your right hip under and fold a little deeper we'll walk our hands cross them over the right leg stick your hips over to the left walk your hands to the inside of your legs to stick your hips over to the right crawl your hands forward stay horizontal here as you take a big step forward half lift and we'll switch sides so right foot steps back drop your back knee inhale up low lunge hold here a couple breaths allowing the hips to come forward the legs to stretch away from each other next exhale fly your hands back front leg straightens inhale bend exhale fly one more inhale and exhale hold here and we'll just refine the pose a little bit by dragging your left heel back left hip scoops under just feeling your body here allowing more ease in your poses walk your hands over to the left hips over to the right we'll walk our hands over to the right hips over to the left and then we'll crawl forward staying kind of low here big step forward half lift on your inhale exhale fold forward fold inhale rise all the way up exhale mountain pose bring your feet together inhale sweep your arms up exhale bend your knees chair pose we'll take about two more breaths here see if you can move your hips the weight back towards your heels lift your sternum up front ribs down take an inhale exhale fold all the way down uttanasana inhale halfway lift exhale step back plank pose take an inhale and plank we'll exhale chaturanga you can always have your knees down inhale up dog or cobra so up dog nothing's on the mat but your feet and your hands pull your chest through on your exhale downward facing dog inhale sweep your right leg back exhale right knee right arm inhale right leg up exhale knee to nose spread your shoulder blades away inhale right leg up exhale twist over to the left spin your left sole of the foot down take fallen triangle so your right leg straightens reach up push the floor away with your right hand inhale here next exhale cartwheel your left hand down square off your hips sweep your right leg up exhale place your right foot inhale high crescent lunge feet hips distance apart we'll take our hands together and bend our arms behind us so the elbows point upward and you can kind of press the back of your head into the heel of your hands here take another breath now come a little bit more straight through your spine straighten your arms we'll bend our arms bend our back knee and inhale up again down and up and last one down and up this time take a twist left arm forward right arm behind you inhale here take an exhale next inhale exalted lunge so left arm goes up back and a little bit over to the right next exhale cartwheel your left hand down belly button pulls in plan it right underneath your left shoulder turn to the outer edge of your left foot make sure your left arm is rolling away from your ear and we're coming in to side plank vashistasana nice and strong here lift your left hip up push the floor away with your left hand we'll lift our right leg and step it behind us wild things so turn the chest up on your next exhale plank pose so stabilize here and plank take an inhale exhale chaturanga inhale upward facing

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