5 min – AB BURN WORKOUT | No Planks | Wrist Friendly

what's up everyone and welcome back we're about to do a quick five-minute auburn workout to sculpt through your core muscles now today's routine has no plank so it is wrist friendly so grab your mat and get ready to feel the burn [Music] all right let's start laying on our backs we have hands behind the head and elbows wide you're going to crunch reach crunch back down here we go each move today is 30 seconds long with 10 moves total and zero breaks good really getting those shoulders off the ground and reaching with your fingers long neck all right we have crunch lift those legs off the ground plant them back lower really press the low back down into the floor and belly into your spine as you lift those legs off the ground [Music] all right legs off the ground with your left arm you're going to cross crunch then crunch forward [Music] so all right stick with that cross crunch you're going to extend the left leg as we crunch then bring it back up got to really work into those obliques all right bring your right arm across then crunch same thing just other side [Music] [Music] all right stick with cross crunch extend the right leg this time back to center exhale inhale god really closing up those ribs god really reach lift off the ground [Music] all right both legs to the sky arms by your side you're going to slowly lower those legs down and slowly lower them back up same thing press that lower back down good nice and controlled [Music] all right reverse crunch lift those hips then bend the knees top the toes exhale lift and tap [Music] nice using the low cord to lift those hips gentle tap all right cross reach sit up plant those feet you're going to reach and cross and come back down exhale inhale alternating sides good shoulders down and back for this keep that long upper body all right hands behind the head we have crunch side top center and top so we're really working into the obliques for this one to the side of the core as we tap and crunch through the side keeping those shoulders off the ground the whole time this is your final move [Music] all right i hope you felt that burn if you enjoyed it then hit the like button subscribe to my channel and comment below to request what workouts you want to see next i'm proud of you guys and i'll see you next time bye

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