30 min Full Body Fat Loss Standing Workout (No Jumping) | Quiet Cardio, No Yoga Mat Needed ~ Emi

since it's a new year i asked you guys to comment what videos you want to see the most on my channel and a lot of you gave me so many different ideas one of the most requested one is 30 minutes of standing workout with no jumping for intense back burn so here we are you can do this anywhere anytime and if you're ready let's go each exercise 40 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between first is windmill to warm up our full body and joints and to get the fat burning started exercise with slight bend in the knees bend to tap the floor with one arm twist your torso and lift the other arm up towards the sky look up for more twists [Applause] [Music] cause in the city second is squat and punch [Music] exercise squat down until thighs are parallel to the floor chest up squeeze your glutes to stand back up and punch one arm followed by the other [Music] [Applause] challenge yourself to squat faster punch harder we are winners and we are here to push our limits she's from another world she puts a smile on my face third is onwitch lunch exercise take one step forward and lunge down with both legs in 90 degree angle arms up towards the sky alternate legs [Applause] [Music] no pain no gain whatever goals you want to achieve put in the work and keep going fourth knee tap exercise one of my favorite fat burning exercises let's go extend and reach your arms up and back then crunch your abs to lift your knee up and tap it with your hands [Music] faster and stronger you are she makes unstoppable [Music] yes fifth switch side [Music] exercise effort is a choice the more effort you put into each rep the more burn you get and the more results you see your choice your decision [Music] 15 more seconds push for a few more taps [Music] [Music] sixth is sumo squad house and hold [Music] exercise the first 20 seconds are sumo squat pulses feet wide apart squat down and just pass here up and down without standing all the way back up chest up eyes looking forward [Music] three two one now just hold it here squat lower try to get your thighs almost parallel to the ground [Music] hang in there no success comes easy only 10 more seconds seventh is standing at bikes tighten and crunch your abs to lift one knee up with a twist and tap it with the opposite elbow squeeze your abs for every rep how could they say i was broken how could they say you made me come undone now i know that it's okay unlike my friends you are nothing like them eighth is reverse lunch with kick left leg first [Music] exercise step one leg back and lunge down into 90 degree angle then kick it to the front and stand back up with the other leg all the negative emotions out let them [Music] go [Music] knife switch side you're looking badass you will never fail if you never quit do this for [Music] set yourself free [Music] tenth expand on fly and back fly [Music] exercise bend with back flat straight arms up and down like you're flying we'll switch to backfly after 20 seconds two one back fly arms to the back palms facing up i'll let you stay for coffee feel the burn building up in your arms and upper body is what we're here for [Music] tenth is side lunge right side first exercise take a big step to the right bending right leg until thigh is almost parallel to the floor remember to keep your chest up i got you [Music] lunch lower challenge yourself [Music] [Applause] [Music] exercise we are one third into this workout already and you're absolutely killing it keep up the great [Music] work [Music] dress night bed right side first [Music] [Applause] exercise bend to the side with knee raise for elbow and knee to touch as you squeeze your side abs [Music] i remember when you told me [Music] rest 14th switch side exercise focus on quenching the abs for each wrap [Applause] [Music] my [Music] already dress 15th split lunge right leg front left leg back [Music] exercise lunge down until both legs are a 90 degree angle repeat for 40 seconds cause in the city 16 switch leg [Music] exercise enjoy the burn is exactly what we're here for [Applause] [Music] i found a perfect girl she's from another world she puts a smile on my face standing push-ups walk your feet back and push up on the wall elbows tucked in close to your body you can walk your feet further back to increase the intensity and difficulty [Music] 18th crack walk [Music] exercise in half squat step one foot to the side followed by the other keep squeezing your booty squat lower we're almost done with this one i believe in you we'll stay strong till the end we are done with first half of the workout second half we're doing it better stronger and more powerful bring out all you got 19th windmills exercise [Music] how could they say i was broken how could they say you made me come undone now i know that it's okay unlike my friends you are nothing like [Music] them [Music] squat and punch [Music] exercise we have come too far to give up now we're not quitters push through the bird [Music] memories yes 21st um reach lunch exercise down with an illusion like a sparrow with broken wings but now i shine with your reflection on me the ones who can push through the uncomfortable and keep going even when it starts to feel tough are the ones who succeed in the end i believe in you let's get this done together [Music] 20 second knee tap [Music] exercise i am here with you every single rep test your limits go even stronger and [Music] faster [Music] [Music] am i awake or am i dreaming [Music] 23rd switch side [Music] i see the possibilities [Music] [Music] whatever it is that you want you just need to go get it you are a legend yes 24th is sumo squad house and hope [Music] three two one hold [Music] if you want it bad enough you'll find the strength within you to keep pushing [Music] i got you [Music] yes 25th standing at bikes [Music] exercise focus on crunching your abs to lift your knee up and twist your torso for every rep [Music] i'll let you stay for coffee in the morning cause you spent the night right next to [Music] me [Music] reverse lunch and cake [Music] i got you it's not supposed to be easy and yes it's supposed to burn this is how we make progress and get the results we want so keep grinding [Music] uh yes 27 switch sides [Music] remind yourself of your goals and the person you want to become you can be whoever you want to be you just need to make the changes and take the actions yourself every rep is leading to a better you [Music] dress 28 vent on fly and backfly even wear that shirt you wanted to [Music] three two one switch to back flies [Music] 15 more seconds bring out the best version of yourself i know that it's okay unlike my friends you are nothing like them yes 29th is site lunch lastly if you're feeling tired and sore now you're not alone so am i and also everyone who is doing this video together but we're all still going strong don't underestimate yourself [Music] [Music] sit lower we're so close to the end [Music] it's time to unleash the beast inside you and give i

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