(Eng) Shape/Slim Butt & Legs in 14 DAYS! | NO SQUAT Lower Body Workout with Cool Down, Knee Friendl

Hey guys today we are going to work out your legs and booty at home without equipment this routine will burn fat and tone your butt and correct your front thigh protrusion issues and thick calves now let's get into the exercise the first exercise we need to do is the hip opener please lift your knee out to the side to form a circle outward, moving it outward in a circular motion Okay, let's move to the other leg Tighten both your glutes and core, keeping your body still as you circle your leg Okay, now let's get ready for the next single-leg deadlift exercise, this will target your hamstrings and glutes Engage your core And raise your legs back until they are parallel to the floor and then straighten your leg back and hold it there for a few seconds and maintain balance because the supporting leg is slightly bent, okay, let's repeat on the other leg as you come down, please make sure that your back is straight and aligned with your leg This exercise will prevent or fix A problem called hyp extends the knees causing the front thighs to protrude, anterior pelvic tilt, and may also sometimes cause lower back pain and pin knees, take a break. The next stage is Glutes Bridge for faster results you can use this resistance band can effectively train our glutes, back of thighs and also lower back, engage your core, flex in your tailbone, contract and squeeze your glutes, your thighs are in line with your body , hold it there for a few seconds and recover until your butt is barely touching the floor. Well, take a break. Next would be clam shells. Make sure when you lift your knee, only rotate from the hips, not the lower back. Please keep your body still when you raise your knee, the heel should be touching and the toes should be back, as far as possible. This exercise is great for fixing your hip curls by targeting your gluteus medius please make sure you squeeze your glutes throughout this exercise especially when your leg is fully open squeeze your glutes hard and hold a few seconds there Okay, have a short break the second one is the side planks with Leg raise. This will work your glutes, legs and abdomen. Your forearms should be perpendicular to your body. Make sure you tighten your glutes and core. Lift your hips off the ground as high as possible and hold for a few seconds at the highest point before returning. Now, switch sides and complete the same exercises, starting with the most effective oyster. One to train our gluteus medius This muscle plays an important role in stabilizing our hips and protecting our knees For example, if your gluteus medius is weak, your knees will rotate inward or outward when squatting or running which will cause pain in your knees, so please do your best to do this exercise, you can to do that! Okay, get some rest and get ready for the next side plank, please make sure you squeeze your glutes during this exercise especially when your hips are raised to the highest point, squeeze your glutes harder and hold for a few seconds before coming back, okay, let's take a break and get ready for the part Next – Ass Kicks If you have problems with your knees or wrists, you can also do standing back raises instead. Tighten your core and lower back to make sure your back stays flat. Tilt your toes back and pin your heels to the ceiling. Okay, let's switch to The other leg pin the heel to the ceiling, while keeping the hip parallel to the floor. The leg does not need to be lifted too high, and your back should not cave in. At all right, have a short break and then we will have Booty Blasters. It is great for your glutes, hamstrings and lower back. Back Engage your glutes and lower back muscles lift your legs slightly off the ground while opening and closing your legs well, take a break, the next step is hamstring curls to see a faster result, you can hold on to a small dumbbell or a bottle with your legs. Keep your knees and ankles together, tilt Bring your toes toward your knees and then reach your heels to your butt, as close as possible. Please keep squeezing your glutes and making sure your thighs do not lift off the floor. This is another effective exercise to correct hyperextension knees Great job! Now let's get ready for the next and final moment – Glute Bridge Matching You're almost done! This one will train your glutes, core, and hamstrings. Please tighten your core and buttocks muscles, to keep your thigh and body in a straight line do not lower your hips. It's almost there, you can do it! Now it's time to relax and stretch a little first, we're going to stretch the glutes and put one leg over the other knee, pulling the leg toward your chest to feel the stretch in your glutes, okay, let's move to the other leg next we're going to stretch the hamstrings first bend your knees and pull your leg into your body and then straighten Slowly lower your leg and make sure the position is steady Now repeat on the other leg, as you relax and breathe deeply Okay, now let's extend your quads, the front of your thigh, bring your heel as close to your booty as possible gently Okay, let's move on to the other leg Okay, next we'll position yourself In downward dog position with your butt toward the ceiling, your elbow close to your ears Plant your heel on the floor and feel the stretch Now let's step and alternate, feeling the stretch in your hamstrings and calves Okay, let's stretch your psoas muscle Move your body and knee forward at the same time Keep your pelvis In a natural bo position, do a forward tilt You should feel a stretch in the psoas muscle and the front of your thigh Well, let's switch side If these muscles are overtensed, they will limit the lift of the back leg and also cause lower back pain and very thick thighs This stretch is extremely important! Final step, if you wish, you can use a foam roller to

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