8 min INTENSE CORE WORKOUT | Spicy Ab Routine | Wrist Friendly | Modifications Provided

what's up everyone we're about to do an eight minute intense Core workout intervals will be 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest there's going to be some tough movements in there but modifications are provided so grab your mat and get ready to feel the burn [Music] all right let's get our workout started with a Mason twist and knee Drive make sure you're leaning back to activate the core here here we go twist to the left then the left knee comes up twist to the right right knee comes up here we go [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] take a quick break next up we have heel walk sit-ups so you're going to walk those heels out hover here then walk them in sit up here we go [Music] good make sure those heels are barely touching the ground here that's super light foreign [Music] baby steps open through the shoulders [Music] [Music] okay come on to your back you're gonna do a crunch extend the right leg lift then twist knee let's go lift and twist nice foreign [Music] foreign [Music] next we're going to do the left leg same thing lift and twist to the left let's go keep that upper body lifted good twist through those shoulders lift off the ground [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] arms down by your side we have reverse crunch knees to your chest lift through those hips then tap the toes let's go lift the hips with control then tap the toes out the farther you tap the toes out the more challenging it gets [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] plant the feet we have crunch then reach and twist back to Center lower then switch sides let's go lift the upper body reach up and cross Center back down good elbows wide reach long [Music] foreign [Music] okay we have full sit up knee and you're reaching for that opposite heel here opposite ankle here we go your alternating legs sit up reach for the opposite ankle come back down good reach towards it [Music] [Music] thank you thank you foreign seconds left then you have only one move left of this workout [Music] all right you're going to flip around come onto your elbows for a low plank to finish off little heel sorry knee Taps then side knee crunch let's go knee tap side knee crunch good alternating legs good super gentle tap with the knees barely touching the ground [Music] let's go you can do it few seconds left let's go all right you made it that was an intense challenge let me know if you felt the burn by commenting below hitting that like button and subscribing to my channel see in the next one

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