11 AB LINES & 6 PACK | 2 Week Challenge

life goes by fast will it slow down we got older where did it go now back in time when all we had was you and me these memories [Music] [Music] [Applause] 20 exercises separated into three sets each exercise 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between we'll also get a longer 20 seconds rest between sets first exercise is drop tap [Music] exercise head shoulders and legs up press your belly towards the ground back flat leaving no space in between slowly lower your legs to lightly tap the floor as you work the abs [Music] is second be crunchy the lower your body and let's go the more effort you get what you give [Music] one too many times they taught me lows are what makes you feel so high no [Music] reasons exercise crunch your abs to lift your torso and raise one leg up reaching your arms under your thigh alternate sides [Music] no pain no gain almost there rest fourth plank up exercise hip hop and upside down v then back down to elbow plank pour tight head to heel in one straight line [Music] i never just believe in what i see halfway through the first set fifth drop exercise we did this once already let's focus and maximize the burn with each tab [Music] one thing i love about you is your [Music] dedication [Music] [Applause] [Music] a crunch [Music] exercise if it's easy anyone can do it whatever goals you want to achieve you gotta grind through the burn [Music] yes seventh sit uptight [Music] exercise last two of our first sets it's time to push and give your best [Music] cause i'm the winner [Music] last one in the set plank up [Music] exercise keep up the good work you're smashing it like a champion [Music] rest for 20 seconds before our second set starting with ankle reach exercise crunch your abs and squeeze in your belly to reach your hands towards your ankle focus on using your abs and not your neck [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] bike exercise similar to sitting at bike twist your torso from side to side as you tap opposite elbow and knee together [Music] hang in there you've got this [Applause] eleven be sick exercise set up into v-shape this is the most challenging of all but the tougher it is the more results we get [Music] we all start somewhere [Music] cake [Music] exercise stay focused keep your balance core tight get it done [Music] [Music] rest and we're back to ankle reach [Music] exercise work those abs let's go [Music] [Applause] [Music] um [Music] [Applause] [Music] 14 toy spike [Music] exercise every rep is your choice on how much effort to give whether to keep pushing your mind is your limit cause i got a millions [Music] yes [Music] exercise last time doing this exercise less than 30 seconds ago [Music] try your best each rep might not be perfect but you'll get better with every try sixteenth cake text [Music] exercise final exercise in said 20 seconds after this beast mode on i can feel it rest rest for 20 seconds while i have a great news for you the final set only has four exercises so let's make a promise to give out 100 17 is drop type never seem to get it right exercise third time the charm make this the best round yet [Music] i can help the way i feel for you [Music] [Music] 18 me crunch [Music] exercise [Music] we're so close to the end challenge yourself your mind and your body you'll never know your full potential if you don't keep pushing your limits you've been in bed for days empty without me you say can't you just magically turn up and lie yes 19th sit up tap [Music] we just made it through it exercise you came so far already now this is the time to bring out all you got tonight [Music] push for a few more reps [Music] [Music] final exercise ankle reach [Music] exercise this is it work those abs get that burn less than 30 seconds until the finish line 10 seconds left give you 110 in the last couple of reps and we're done amazing work i'm so proud of you as always your hard work day in and day out is what determines your success keep up the great work and i'll see you again very soon [Music] – 11 AB LINES & 6 PACK | 2 Week Challenge 川字腹肌線條2星期高效訓練 ft. Zelos Wong 黃凱逸

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