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what's up guys cody allen here with x8 and today i'm bringing a seven minute full body cool down stretch this is brought to you by fitbot seven minutes total we're going to be doing eight different movements this can be a post workout cool down stretch sometimes i just like to do it in the morning to get my body going so the first one we're going to be 30 seconds for all of these movements it's going to be a static pigeon stretch we're down on our ground on the ground one leg bent the other leg back straight and we're coming up 30 seconds you'll feel this in your glute you'll feel this in your quad if you need to you can come down here onto your elbows you get a little bit of a better stretch trying to keep this leg straight back remember it's important to breathe into your stretches get deep in those stretches and we're gonna go to our other leg you have five seconds between each workout or each stretch to transition some people are more flexible than others so get into these stretches the best that you can it's not going to be perfect every time but we're going to get better with every stretch trust this stay in them as long as you can some of them will hurt some of them will feel amazing especially after a workout i love doing all of these perfect the next one half kneeling lunge so one leg up you're going to feel this stretch when you rock forward in your hip flexor and your quad keep your chest tall you don't want to bend over because then you take the stretch out of your hip flexor so push your hips forward squeeze this glute if you need to rest your hands right here we're going to go 30 seconds each leg this one feels good let's go ahead and switch legs 30 seconds guys be patient with your stretching this is the best way to prevent injury increasing your mobility increasing your flexibility is longevity when it comes to fitness and it feels good five seconds now that our hips are stretched we're going into cat cow position we're on all fours and we're going to arch our back into the cat position shoulders come back got to give your spine some love too these are small movements but crucial when it comes to t-spine health and we have three seconds awesome our next one old-school stretch getting to a squat just gonna rock from side to side there you go you should feel this in your hips open that groin up yeah there you go if you have tight hips like me it's important to move through this slow five seconds left and we're gonna go into child's pose we're gonna hold 10 seconds each direction so 10 down the middle and we're gonna reach over and stretch that lat out 10 seconds over here and then finish stretch out the other lat [Music] awesome guys now we got five seconds we're gonna go half kneeling and we're gonna drop this elbow down as far as we can and hold it here for 30 seconds feel this in your groin and your hamstring [Music] one of my favorite movements right here especially if you do a lot of low body workouts this is crucial make sure you have healthy hips breathe and we're transitioning and drop that elbow good work guys keep it up breathe feel every stretch five seconds and we're going to go into 90 90. call it 90 90 because you make a 90 degree angle with this leg and this leg and we're going to lean over our front leg you don't need to bend down like this slightly feel it back here in your hips use your off arms to balance yourself five seconds left continue to breathe and we're switching to the other side again 90 90 and i'm forward 15 seconds left of this one guys we have one more stretch one more stretch and then we're ready to start our day three seconds go ahead and get into a kneeling position we're gonna stretch out our quads you can either just sit right here or if you'd like push up you feel all the stretch here in your quads feels good keep your knees just shoulder width apart get a nice stretch in your ankles as well breathe through this one and three two and that is it guys feels amazing again this workout was brought by the fitbot app the fitbot app is amazing you guys download it it has everything from hd videos for each customizable workout that they have they'll make workouts just based on the equipment that you have available to you they also integrate with apple health they integrate with strava this is an amazing app guys so today you can get 25 off the price of the app by clicking the link in the bio not only that they're going to give you three free customized workouts specific for you so i hope to see you guys on some more videos and we get another great workout or stretching like we always do

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