Beginner Yoga Morning Routine 15 Minute Practice

welcome to our morning yoga routine let's get started on our backs hug your knees into your chest and you can widen the knees towards your shoulders and just rock gently back and forth massaging your low back and bring your hands to your knees and you can take these gentle kind of leg circles in one direction and we'll go in the opposite direction we'll let both knees go over to the right and actually turn on your side here and then take a big sweep of your left arm up and over you could take your right hand to the outside of your left leg great stretch to stretch your shoulders and your low back outer hip muscles we'll inhale bring the knees up and we'll switch sides so our bodies can get pretty stiff from sleeping and when we wake up it's nice to just gently stretch it and wake up the joints so it can be a nice thing to incorporate just right when you wake up we'll come back to center and just begin to rotate your hands and your feet in one direction and then we'll switch directions hug your right knee into your chest straighten your left leg and you can flatten your low back here now bend your left leg to release the low back a little bit and we'll do some leg pulses here so bending the knee straightening the leg and if you need to use a strap around the sole of your right foot you can just little bend and straighten you know waking up the backs of the legs and from here we'll keep the legs straight again yours might be here that's all good and then we can straighten the left leg too draw your shoulders down and just breathe so if we flex the foot here we can get more of a calf stretch now you can slide the hands to the backs of the legs and open your leg out wide here and just keep your left leg grounding down so you're not kind of turning all the way to the side and we'll breathe and just stretch the back of the leg again you can use a strap around the sole of your right foot we'll bring our right leg up release and switch sides so left knee pulls into the chest low back is flat the knee can go out to the side a little bit and we'll bend the right knee here so the foot is down and we'll take some little pulses so just bending and straightening bending straightening and we'll straighten that left leg straighten the right leg and breathe kind of getting into the backs of the legs here supine on our back helps us kind of ease into the stretch we'll flex the foot to get into the calf and have your right hand on your right thigh to help ground that right leg down and bring your left leg out to the side and just breathe here keep grounding your right leg down shoulders down left leg beginning to really stretch here the inner thighs we'll bring the leg up and release it bring your knees into your chest roll over to your right side onto our knees here for table top position so hands shoulders distance apart knees hips distance apart just curl your toes under so stretch the soles of your feet let your belly begin to drop towards the ground and then gaze up draw your shoulder blades in towards your spine take the tops of your feet press them down into the mat chin is tucked into your chest belly button to spine we'll continue on here so toes curl under gaze up exhale flex the spine here belly pulls in spread your shoulder blades away so some cat cows belly stretches here gazes up exhale draw your belly button into the spine we'll let the big toes touch widen your knees take a child's pose so forehead down arms reach out in front of you another breath here walk your hands over to the right so you get a side bend here it's good to move the spine and all its different directions here when you first wake up walk our hands over to the left forehead releases down bring your hands to center walk your hands up bring your knees in so we'll take a kneeling position if this isn't comfortable you can sit on your seat or prop yourself up bring your arms out to a 90 degree angle here we'll thread the right arm underneath the left you can hug your shoulders here or take an eagle arm wrap bring your elbows in line with your shoulders you'll feel the shoulder blades spread away from your spine another breath as we work into the shoulder joint here inhale open up and exhale cross your left arm underneath again you can hug your shoulders or take your eagle arm wrap we'll release our hands and come into downward facing dog so curl your toes under feet can be hips distance apart here you can bend your knees here a little bit even sway your hips side to side kind of just letting things wake up gradually so the heads of the arm bones upper arm bones roll away from your ears there's a push of the floor away through your hands and then the low spine is drawing in now if you can straighten your legs go ahead and do that but not at the expense of that low spine take another breath we'll just pedal the feet out a little bit so bend one leg and then the other and we'll bend one leg and then the other walk your hands back to your feet so hands back to your feet feet hips distance apart you'll take ragdoll here grab opposite elbows take a soft bend in your knees until your chest makes its way down to your thighs here really great to release your low back just let your head hang let gravity kind of take hold you could sway a little bit side to side now release your hands and we'll roll up one vertebrae at a time so keep your belly pulling up into your spine soft bend in your legs roll up nice and easy and we'll stand in mountain pose stand nice and tall here draw your shoulder blades in ground down through your feet and breathing here we'll get a little bit more into the shoulder joint take your hands and kind of like claws you'll place them over your shoulders we'll take big circles in one direction i love this first thing in the morning i'll do it before i even get out of bed and switch directions just so good to get into that shoulder joint go one more round here and release inhale sweep your arms up widen your elbows again this time take your fingertips downward and see if you could clasp your hands now if you can't no worries grab opposite elbow or wrists draw your shoulder blades in towards your spine bend your knees here let the chest or belly rest towards the thighs again letting gravity take hold a little bit and just getting a little deeper now into stretching the front of the chest you can sway a little side to side one more breath and release your hand now we'll crawl our hands to the front of the mat we'll take plank pose you can have your knees down or knees up we'll just hold here a moment getting our core kind of activated belly button pulls into the spine you can drop your knees shift your weight forward we'll come on to our belly keep the heads of your arm bones lifting up have your fingertips off of your mat so your elbows are stacked over your wrist hops the feet press here so serpent cobra will inhale up don't be afraid to engage those glutes here exhale down we'll do that two more t

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