Snatched Waist Deep Core Workout – 10 min No equipment | Hourglass Challenge

Hey guys, welcome to the 2023 Hourglass challenge! This is a four week program focusing on your core and your glutes. The full schedule is on my website, and there's five brand new episodes for this program. You can follow along these workouts with or without using weights. Now drop me a comment down below, and let's get into the workouts. We've got 12 exercises in this core workout. This workout focuses on your deepcore transverse abdominis muscles, which will help with a tighter core. Get on your mat, and we're starting with reverse plank. Get into a reverse tabletop position, with your hands right below your shoulders, and extend your legs. Engage your core! Make sure you breathe and tense your core as you breathe out. Engage your glutes and your quads too. No rest here. We're going straight into bridge marches. Start by laying flat on your mat, then raise your hips up. Keep your core tight and bring one leg up, one at a time. For this entire workout, make sure you're focusing on tightening your core muscles. When you breathe out, try to squeeze your abs. Great work, guys! 10 seconds rest now, and we'll move onto bird dog. While on all fours, lift your left arm and right leg up, and bring them back in. Make sure you engage your core! Now, let's swap to the other side. Remember, you can rest whenever you need to catch your breath, just jump back in whenever you can and just aim to finish the workout. You're going to get stronger and improve over time. 10 seconds rest once again, and we've got plank twist. Get into a low plank position, twist to one side and tap the mat with one knee, then onto the other side. Keep your core tight. Nicely done, guys. Rest up and windshield wipers is next. While in a seated position, have your knees bent and your back straight, and now draw a rainbow with your legs. Again, engage your core. No rest here. Dead bug is next. Lay flat on the mat. Raise and lower the opposite arms and legs while keeping your core engaged. Draw your belly button towards your spine and make sure your back is flat on the mat. We're more than halfway through the workout! So just keep pushing through and we'll be done soon. You got this! Not long to go. Alright, you can lay on your mat while you catch your breath, and upside down turtle is next. This is quite similar to the previous exercise. We're just changing it up a little. Place your right hand on your left knee. Now lower the right leg and left arm. Then bring them back and touch the right knee. Make sure your back is flat on the mat. Focus on your core. No rest here. Let's move on to the other side. Just three more exercises to go. Don't quit on us. You can do this. Stay focused and push yourself. Get ready to move onto an ab hold If you need a quick breather, go for it. But don't take too long. Start by raising your legs up like so, engaging your core and focus on your breathing Bring your shoulders off the mat, but if you're too tired then lay down. Alright, rest up, just two more exercises to go. Reverse tabletop knee tuck is next. Get into reverse table top position with your hands below your shoulders and feet below your knees. Engage your core, and bring one knee in one at a time. Again, make sure you're tightening up your core. Final rest of this workout, and we got leg drop. Let's finish this, guys! Lift your shoulders off the mat, and now lower one leg down slowly. Draw your belly button towards your spine, and keep your back flat on the mat. And that's the workout, guys. Hope you're feeling the burn in your core. Please drop me a comment down below, and let me know how this workout went for you. Smash that like button, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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